Upwork Broken Down

As creative as we’d like to think we are, accomplishments are achieved methodically. Even Picasso had a method to his valuable madness. The art that is our day to day living is no different. You will maximize your daily and therefore life achievements by mastering your chore or to do list. Here are 10 easily implemented angles for conquering your day as suggested by Upwork, the leader in freelance networking.


First, avoid trying to maintain an internal running log of what you need to do in a day. Instead, write down every single task with subtasks that you aim to complete on a daily basis. Second, this daily achievements guide is most effective when written ahead of time. You’re not jotting down reminders, you’re planning your requirements.. mapping out points of needed completion in order to move aims and objectives from point A to point B to point C, and so on. Third, keep such a plan in a steady and regularized area even if a task comes to mind during some unrelated activity. Make it a point to rewrite the note inside of your regularized plan book. Fourth, set in your mind a certain time of the day that’s most opportune to complete each task. Consider the full scope of the task, any other involved people, and the next steps. Fifth, prioritize each task. Upwork’s platform permits snapshots of freelancers’ screens such that accountability of time is more readily respected.


Sixth, regularly reassess your weekly, monthly, and daily plans in accordance with the developments of each life objective. Seventh, define each task based on its place among your various goals. Use the subapp ClickUp to track and delegate tasks. We see Upwork’s appliation of this tip in its merger of Elance and oDesk into this now single, broad scope, freelancing venue. Eighth, maintain both a micro and macro perspective regarding your tasks. Regularly reevaluate how each task fits within your various, overall objectives. This will help prevent you from getting bogged down in busy work which tends to usher in ways of escaping daunting or challenging tasks. Ninth, apply batching. Complete all similar tasks within the same time period, such as, all calls, all emails, all delegations, etc. Remember to update the next steps for each. Lastly, when planning out your angle of attack for each task, consider any mental, emotional, financial, etc. impact the task will impose. Use this reflection to decide when and how you will make your moves.

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