The Scandal Of Lime Crime’s Newest Weapon Of Choice

When it comes to cosmetics, there are numerous brands to choose from on the market today. This industry is literally cluttered with brands from head to toe, which can make finding the best one that fits your needs, nearly impossible. Luckily there is Lime Crime and this brand is has brought new life onto the scene thanks to it’s wide range of benefits. The brand was founded by Doe Deere and it has become a cult favorite over the past few years. Being such a universal type of product, females as well as males use the products religiously on an ongoing basis.


The “don’t care” attitude of it’s nature is catching on like wild fire and it’s punk rocker edge is perfect for those whom are looking to demand attention. Being a part of the Brand’s “Velvetine Collection,” Scandal hosts many of the same benefits such as being paraben-free, vegan, and animal cruelty-free. You just won’t find many more lip stick brands with this much benefit while providing such distinct looks. Scandal has long lasting staying power as well, unlike it’s competition. Being touch proof, kiss proof, and 95% organic doesn’t hurt as well.


For the best possible results, Lime Crime advises individuals to apply lip balm about 15 minutes to the primary application. After that, individuals should take a piece of tissue and dab away any excess oils. That’s it! If you want to take it a step further and enhance the overall look, you can refine the edges with a lip brush. Lime Crime is on another level as of late and the all new “scandal” lip sticks will push the brand above and beyond the competition.  Buy the new Lime Crime velvetine on, and accent your new lip color with some eyeshadow, including the Venus palette on

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