The Ryan Seacrest Foundation: Truly Heaven Sent

Upon first hearing about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF), I completely shrugged it off thinking that it was another half-ass celebrity charity designed to make the public idolize those with fame. I have NEVER been more wrong about anything in my life! Ryan Seacrest along with his family created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to lift the spirits of terminally ill and physically impaired children during their hospital stays.

I was more that satisfied to find that the RSF is not operated like your typical charitable cause. Ryan and his team thought outside the box while creating Seacrest Studios . Seacrest Studios is a broadcast studio and media center located INSIDE of pediatric hospitals! Yes. It is exactly what it sounds like but even better! This brilliant idea allows the patients to actively be a part of the filming process. The children are granted the opportunity to host the show, conduct interviews, perform, and truly just be kids. It’s nice because other than being busy with his TV and radio shows, Ryan has still time for charities.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, according to Forbes,  was established to create healing energy through the art of fun and games! It gives the patients something entertaining to look forward to. To be expected, some children have a severely weakened immune systems or are just too ill to come to the event. However, this unfortunate circumstance does not stop the team of Seacrest Studios. This innovative group came up with the rather clever idea to set up video conference in EVERY child’s room! This allows each child to be a part of the party whether they are in physically in the Seacrest Studio or bedridden! The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has a firm “No Child Left Behind” Motto. Every child is honored and reminded that they are important and not forgotten.

To make matters even sweeter, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation has a huge celebrity following! Just to name a few, Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas, Katy Perry, All American Rejects (and many more) have made their appearances in the Seacrest Studios to perfom, interact with the children, and make donations to the cause. The Dallas Cowboys even have even stopped by to touch hearts and lift the spirits! This non-profit is truly heaven sent. I personally want to thank the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and every beautiful soul that put their hearts into bringing joy and happiness to our youth in their time of need! Get the latest news on his Instagram and Twitter.

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