The Omar Boraie is Transforming the Construction Industry

Omar Boraie is one of the most respected businessmen in the United States. The visionary is currently based in New Brunswick, and he has done a lot for the communities living close to him. Omar has invested so much in the city and his latest venture at the center of the prestigious Aspire. According to him, the city will soon be housing deluxe residential and high rise buildings. The businessman has always had these dreams for many years, and he is very excited because his dreams are coming into a reality after a very long time.

Omar currently served as the head of the prestigious Boraie Development LCC. In a recent interview by Rutgers, the businessman says that his new venture has shocked many individuals who never believed in his dreams over the years. When he was travelling as a scholar in Europe, Omar saw some great structures, and this motivated him to rebuild his city in just a similar manner. Before starting to reconstruct the region, everything was horrible, and no one was bothered to make a change. When walking in the city in the evening was taboo. However, Omar knew that he had to change these facts, and that is how his dreams started. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

After working hard for several years, Omar can comfortably sit in his prestigious office that is located in one of the buildings to watch how the city has progressed. Before he began his mission, there were twenty-one buildings, and they were all crumbling. To make his dreams turn into a reality, the businessman decided to acquire the buildings. After successfully purchasing them, the first plan started. At first, many residents thought that the businessman was insane, and he was just wasting his money. However, the time has proven them wrong.

The first project completed by the businessman was known as Tower One, and it was meant for office space. The building was completed in the 80’s. The second one was finished in the year 2003, and it is known as Tower Two. These towers all represented a perfect start for the businessman. However, the businessman realized the need for high-quality residential space, and he embarked on a new journey.

The Boraie Development has done so well over the years due to the support it has received from its founder, Sam Boraie. The company has grown significantly, and it is famed for transforming the city over the years.

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