The Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies


So for those reading this, if you are too young to know who Arnold Schwarzengger is, do yourself a favor and go on Netflix and check him out.

One of the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies he has been in is “Conan the Barbarian”. At this time Arnold had just gotten finished with being Mr. Olympia so he didn’t have much acting experience but was fit enough to fill in Conan’s character.  One of the best ancient war movies, even if the wars were fictional.

Probably one of his best action films would be “Predator”. It was such an intense movie, the director of “Die Hard” of course directed it and new what he was doing. We are talking about an ultimate team movie. Granted, they didn’t last very long but the cast setup was undoubtedly phenomenal. The scene where Arnold fights the predator is still a relevant fight scene to this very day.

Lastly, Arnold’s riskiest movies that ended up very successful, “Terminator”. The reason why this was such a risky movie to make was because Arnold was introduced as the bad guy. Later in the second movie he was the protagonist which worked out even better.

Arnold is definitely a diverse actor and he is not limited to just action movies. He’s been in 90s comedies as well.

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