Talk Fusion Is Delivering Ground-Breaking Video Chat Apps

When you hear the term “video email” used, you probably just think of an email that’s sent with a video embed code in it from YouTube or a similar website. But at Talk Fusion, the term goes way beyond that to now include live streaming that can be opened either from an email or just through a web browser delivery. Talk Fusion is a company founded by Bob Reina that has used WebRTC technology to distribute videos and also host live sessions. Video email has stuck around with Talk Fusion because video marketing becomes more personalized under that term.


Bob Reina, a former sheriff’s deputy in the Tampa, FL region started Talk Fusion in 2007, thought the idea came three years earlier as he was on vacation, looking at a house and taking videos that he wanted to email to his family. He found that most video files were too large to attach to emails, so he decided he needed a new program for making videos easier to send without all the bulky attachments. Reina and Talk Fusion IT Director Dr. Jonathan Chen had to do a lot of experimenting and testing, but they were eventually able to roll out the new WebRTC-based system, and soon the sales started coming in. Talk Fusion is valued at over $1 billion today.


Bob Reina decided to make Talk Fusion into a multilevel marketing company because he wanted every sale made by the company to help someone else besides the company’s executives. The way it works is Talk Fusion associates sell the video emails, newsletters and chat apps to their personal customer contacts, and they can also have new associates signup at the company. Talk Fusion associates can get pointers on how to sell products by going to Talk Fusion University, a video series that Reina decided to start just last year. Learn more:


One of Talk Fusion’s most appealing factors is the rewards they offer to associates who make the required sales and referral amounts or exceed them, and they can win rewards such as exotic island vacations or highly expensive jewelry. But first-time Talk Fusion customers also have a reward in getting to try all products for 30 days without needing any credit card information or needing to enroll in any contracts. Associates who want to help charity organizations use video to promote their causes can donate one premium Talk Fusion account to a charity, an initiative Reina introduced as part of his ongoing support of the Tampa Humane Society.

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