Pioneer Dr. Jennifer Walden Leads By Example

Leadership is a highly important skill. Leaders are those who make a difference in other’s lives and help them realize their potential in life. One such person is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walden is one of America’s few female plastic surgeons. As such, she has assumed a leadership role in the plastics community. She is someone who has shown that it is possible for women to assume roles in the this field. Most plastic surgeons are men. As a plastic expert, Dr. Jennifer Walden knows exactly how to get impressive results for her patients. Her patients understand that she can offer them something that they need and want from her. This resident of Austin, Texas has not only established herself as a local force but also as someone who has shown the ability to capture an international audience. Dr. Walden has one of the busiest clinical practices in the entire city. She’s also the mom of two growing twin boys. In her spare time, she works hard to assist with charitable fundraising efforts of all kinds.

Honoring Her Work

Her work has not gone unnoticed. In honor of her work helping others, she was the runner-up for a highly prestigious award. Those at the Austin Leukemia and Lymphoma Society nominated her for Austin’s Woman of the Year. Her work is also appreciated by many local residents. They admire her ability to balance family and career at the same time. This is why she has been so successful. She brings a rare combination of hard work, sheer determination and a love of her work to the table with her. Even as a young woman, she saw the very power of science unfold in front of her. It was this that she took to medical school with her. In medical school, she was one of the most admired students. Her skills as a surgeon rapidly led her to choose the demanding and intensely rewarding field of plastics. As she looks to the future, she is hopeful that she can continue to make a difference in the lives of her patients.