OSI Group Has Been In Good Hands For Decades With Sheldon Lavin At The Lead

Sheldon Lavin is a well-known businessman and owner of the massive food processing corporation, OSI Group. The company is more than 100 years old, starting back in 1909 as a small family-owned operation that functions as a meat market. Today, OSI Group has nearly 70 facilities spread out in more than a dozen different countries around the globe with thousands of employees. Despite this success, the company is still growing today, with new innovations still being cooked up by Sheldon Lavin.

Midway through the company’s existence, the built a relationship with the company, McDonald’s as their beef patty supplier. Anyone who knows of McDonald’s can already see why this is a good thing since McDonald’s selling millions of burgers each and every year all around the world. By creating new methods for providing McDonald’s with all the fresh beef patties they needed, Otto & Sons was able to remain McDonald’s supplier and grew exponentially.

When the company started expanding rapidly with the success of working with McDonald’s, Otto & Sons called in Sheldon Lavin for financial advice on how to expand their company. The company was growing quickly, but Otto & Sons decided to retire in a few short years, allowing the company to move over to Lavin. Sheldon expanded on every area of the company, including the product list. In the beginning, Otto & Sons was focused on meat, but now OSI Group has included vegetables, poultry, dough, and much more to the list.

Sheldon Lavin has steadily been expanding the company ever since he became CEO, opening up new facilities in more states and countries at a steady rate. Sheldon’s first order of business when taking over the company was to make it an international corporation, which is why he opened food processing plants in places like Germany and Spain. Entering a high growth face due to being an international company, Sheldon Lavin’s business strategies worked without a hitch to allow the company to reach new heights.

Once OSI Group spread into Asia, their customer base rose into the millions. This catalyst for growth was exactly what Sheldon Lavin was looking for when he wanted to expand the company. Over the past few decades, OSI Group has done food processing for some of the biggest chains out there, including McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Starbucks.

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