Securus Technologies’ Field Specialists Receive Certification

Securus Technologies announces that eleven of its field specialists have received an internationally recognized certification. They were certified as Installer 1 by BICSI, a professional association that supports the development of ICT practitioners. Danny de Hoyos, the head of operations at Securus Technologies says that the partnership with BICSI is a natural fit for Securus as it trains and helps organizations integrate highly qualified personnel to meet customer needs.


Building Industry Consulting Service International


The BICSI teaches ICT professional to be reliable and high performers to meet specific clients’ needs. The services of the ICT industry stretch from electronic, data, voice safety and security, video and audio technologies services to project management.  These projects comprise of wireless-based systems, optical fiber, copper-based distribution network, spaces, and pathways. BICSI attends to over 23,000 ICT specialists through credentials, publications, and training globally. Visit BICSI certification for more info.


Certification of eleven Securus’ field specialists


The eleven Securus’ field technicians have over 15 years of experience installing and repairing ICT projects in different nations. Securus Technologies regards certification process as important because of its value to the experienced ICT field specialists. The certification of the eleven specialists expresses Securus commitment to providing high-quality services to meet specific customer needs.


Over the years, the company has served correction agencies, public safety, and law enforcers across North America to maintain safety in correction facilities. Securus’ employees have built an excellent reputation as a reliable and responsive provider of incident management services, emergency response, information management, monitoring, and biometric analysis to make the world a better place. Currently, Securus Technologies attends to over 1 million inmates and embraces continuous innovation to find solutions for ever-evolving challenges in the ICT sector.

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  1. Holders of the BICSI credentials specializes in planning, designing, implementing, overseeing, and maintaining ICT projects. Securus Technologies is a Texas-based firm that specializes in providing technological solutions to correction facilities across the US. The main fact is that do have a lot of reason to believe the lie that being told.

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