Scandalous Shades With Lime Crime

With an Instagram fan base of over 2.6 million, LimeCrime plays a leading roll in internet cosmetics. Their latest release to their Velvetines collection is called scandal, rightfully so. Scandal was designed and developed by Doe Deere, the owner and CEO of Lime Crime. The new shade still uses Lime Crime’s long lasting and rich formula of their beloved liquid-to-matte lipstick that has been craved and enjoyed by many users. Alongside all of their other products the new “Scandal” is 100% vegan so you can make your lips look seductive and sensual with no remorse.

This purple-violet hue has a great length of depth to it, causing it to be the best choice for those seeking to be trend setters during this season. Violet lipstick is said to show control, giving you that perfect bossy, powerful presence heightening your sex appeal along with your charm. Doe Deere created this product for bold girls who enjoy a rock and roll touch mixed in with a classy, seductive vibe. Its recommended to be paired with black eye liner to really give you the controversial, “don’t care” look.

For the best experience and most quality look with Scandal it is recommended to apply lip balm 15 minutes prior to utilizing it. It is also strongly encouraged to pat off access oils on lips before Scandal application. Once your day has come to a warm close you are able to easily remove Scandal using waterproof makeup remover or oil.

If you are looking for a perfect pairing for your new scandal we’d recommend something like the “Trip Diamond Crusher“. When paired, your lips we’ll receive an extra noticeable highlight and it is said to bring out undertones of violet laced throughout Scandal. You can go to to search, shop, and admire all sorts of awesome collections Doe Deere has to offer. Check it out as well if your specifically interested in other seductive purple shades as they offer many more like Jinx, Fetish, and Raven. Whether you’re looking for something sensual and smooth or something harsh and punk-rock, is the place to shop for your cosmetic needs.

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