Sam Strauch is a Top Real estate Agent in Miami Florida

Samuel Strauch has been the principal real estate agent at Metrik Real estate in Miami, Florida for the past 15 years. Samuel Strauch has had a real estate license in the state of Florida for the past 14 years. He brought a lot of education into his line of work. Mr. Strauch was educated at Erasmus and Harvard Universities. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business at Hofstra University in New York, New York.

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Before joining his family’s real estate business in Southern Florida. Samuel Strauch started out in the banking business. Most of Samuel Strauch’s success in real estate is when he learned investors from Mexico became interested in buying property in the United States, especially in Miami, Florida. For many Mexican investors, they want to diversify and have planned to make Miami Beach and New York, New York as their plan B. Investing in real estate in the United States is particularly important to Mexicans because their own country may be on the brink of economic downfall.

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Samuel Strauch is associated with Home Light. Drew Uher and his wife had set out to buy their first home, and they had trouble finding the right agent. This is when Mr. Uher created a home agent finder company. One of their best home agents is Samuel Strauch. Home Light considers Samuel Strauch at the top 12 percent of all their real estate agents for selling homes in the Miami area. He’s in the top 16 percent for selling homes the fastest of all the real estate agents registered at Home Light. According to Home Light, Strauch represents his clients 78 percent of the time. He helped in the transaction of one condominium that sold for $889,500 and another that sold for $732,500. People who buy with Strauch are highly satisfied.  Check

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