Ryan Seacrest Foundation Mixes Entertainment With Education

Famous TV personality and radio/talk show host Ryan Seacrest, like most other famous people, has started a charity foundation aimed at helping children. While this first part may not sound unique, the approach of the foundation is quite unique. The mission of the Seacrest Foundation, at least for now, is to create educational programs for children that focus on using the creative potential of media as a learning tool.

To be more specific: The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has decided that its first mission will be the establishment of entertainment production studios in many of the nation’s pediatric hospitals. These unique and enjoyable studios (known as “Seacrest Studios”) will aim to help children learn, have fun, and recover all at the same time. During their stay at these hospitals, the children will have access to a fully equipped recording studio with everything they need to get as creative as they want.

They will be able to broadcast their own internet radio show, or create a music video, or maybe just create some unique art that helps them to get through their predicament a little more easily. The idea of it is to encourage creativity and media production skills for as many young people as possible. This, Ryan Seacrest believes, will be of long-term benefit to the nation and possibly the world. In addition, it is hoped that the beneficial and stimulating experience that can only come from creativity will aid in the healing process.

According to Forbes, the idea certainly seems feasible. The placebo effect alone is sufficient proof to show that a person’s mental state can directly affect their health. But even if it does not work to speed the physical healing process, there is no doubt that the mental and emotional benefits will remain.

The idea has been well-received by most of those who know of it. Many pediatric hospitals have already applied to participate in the program. And why wouldn’t they? There’s really no downside for them. Ryan Seacrest has made a point of visiting these media centers, just to see how things are going and give the children a little encouragement. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

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