Reviews About Dr. Jennifer Walden Reveal the Dedication She has to Her Work

Dr. Jennifer Walden has become known for the outstanding work she does in the field of cosmetic surgery. Currently operating a practice in Austin, Texas, she has helped patients actualize their dreams of how they would like to look through the use of 3D imaging. The system known as Vectra, allows patients to see what their body features would like like after having their specific procedures completed. The use of 3D digital imaging along with the technology known as ThermiVa, has gained Dr. Walden the distinction of being a caring professional.

As someone who takes an active role in delivering the best care possible to her patients, the work performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden has also been featured in several issues of Texas Monthly magazine as well as through online sites. She has also been the author of many articles about the practice and procedures used in plastic surgery. Her dedication to serving her patients along with her knowledge and skill has also earned her a reputation among her peers as one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the field today. In fact, her high status as a cosmetic surgeon was so well known that when she chose to transfer her practice from New York to Texas she had two patients who had already set appointments for breast reduction surgeries waiting for her.

In addition to her superior professionalism, Dr. Jennifer Walden has also been described by her patients as someone who listens. In her years at college, Dr. Walden did take classes in women’s studies as well as in psychology. She understands the connection many women have between their level of self-confidence and the way they look. She describes herself as a feminist and a liberal who chose to pursue a career in cosmetic surgery to help women look and feel their best. Walden on facebook

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