One Planet Awards Honors Troy McQuagge for his Outstanding Contribution

Troy McQuagge was named Gold Winner as the CEO of the year in the latest chapter of the One Planet Awards. The awards are highly coveted and seek to reward professional and business excellence across the world both in the private and public sector. All organizations are eligible to submit their nomination requests, and there is no discrimination regarding an organization’s size or years they have been in business and original source.

Since his appointment at the helm of USHEALTH, McQuagge has set upon transforming the health insurance group. Appointed just in 2010, the current CEO led the company to unprecedented success with soaring profits and a huge customer base. The group’s market niche is highly competitive, and that might serve to explain McQuagge’s joy at being declared the recipient of the award.

In his acceptance speech, McQuagge expressed gratitude for being honored with the prestigious awards. The CEO was also in praise for the entire USHEALTH team and asserted that the feat demonstrates his group’s focus to providing innovative solutions to the healthcare affordability problem, therefore, growing customers’ healthcare needs.

About One Planet Awards

One Planet Awards are dedicated in their quest to reward organizations for their professional and business excellence. The awards are divided into categories that honor not only entire companies but also individual departments and services within the firms that have been ahead of their peers.

About USHEALTH Group Inc.

USHEALTH Group Inc is a health insurance group based in Fort Worth Texas that has a commitment to providing coverage to self-employed persons and small and middle enterprise investors. The group has the aspiration of combining the talents of its employees and agents to provide affordable insurance covers that will also rival what their competitors offer while still offering customers an exceptional experience in all aspects.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge has had a long-running career in the insurance industry. Most of his notable contributions in the industry have however been in the Captive Insurance sector where he has demonstrated exemplary leadership of groups that have produced quality products. Troy McQuagge is a graduate of Central Florida University from which he holds a B.A degree and has previously worked with other top insurance firms before joining USHEALTH Group Inc.

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JustFab and Fabletics are Wins for Women

Both the JustFab and the Fabletics platforms are great for women around the country who simply do not have enough time to be able to take care of themselves and try to make sure that they are doing things the right way when it comes to the clothes that they wear. From working out to finding the perfect shoes, JustFab and Fabletics are designed in a way that allow women to have convenience. When Don Ressler started the idea for the brand, he wanted to be able to make sure that women were getting the most convenient options and that they would be able to get the clothes and shoes that they needed to feel good about themselves.

When Don Ressler came up with the idea behind the brand, he wanted to start out with a way to get to know the women who were going to be buying the clothes. That looked like a quiz that women could take when they got onto the site. It would ask some questions that most women would probably expect -size, mostly. What many were surprised with were the style and personality questions at It dug deeper into the women’s personalities to get to know them better and help them figure out what they would like to be able to get from the sites.

From there, Don Ressler created a team of stylists who would use these quizzes to help decide which outfit or shoe choice the woman would get that month. In general, the choices would be between about 5-10 different ones that they would match perfectly to the women. The style quiz at the beginning would help to make that distinction. Of course, if a customer did not like that month’s pick, she could choose a different one or choose not to receive one during that month at all.

There are so many things that go into creating a good business and it seems that Don Ressler has nailed all of them. He wanted to be able to make sure that women were getting what they wanted with a convenience that is unparalleled on He also wanted to make sure that they would be able to do more with the options that they had so that they would be able to get the most out of the experience that was offered to them from JustFab or Fabletics. The platform made it easy for them to do. Read more on

The Reason for the Growing Popularity of Environmentally Friendly Company Eucatex

Eucatex is among the top international companies based out of Brazil that offer high-quality construction and home renovation products to their clients not just from Brazil but other countries as well. During the inception of the company in 19511, the founders did not realize that the company would reach a level that it is today. The company harvests most of the material that they use in producing their products. They use a special type of trees like eucalyptus for the preparation of their products like ceiling panels, tiles, and others. All of their processes, whether it is obtaining the raw materials or the production of products, are environmentally friendly.


Eucatex was first named fiberboard when it was started. But, the success of the company grew fast, and within the first five years of its operations, it had a branch in Argentina. Later, it started exporting its products to many European countries. They also started adding new and innovative products to their product line that was not available anywhere else. From products made of wood, they also began producing environmentally friendly paints and vanishes that are growing in demand today.


Flavio Maluf is the person who is in charge of the company. Having been associated with the company for over 30 years, he is the main reason why the company has achieved high success. After obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering from Armando Penteado University Foundation, he went to the United States to Achieve his higher education. He obtained a degree in business administration from the New York University. he then returned to his country to contribute towards its development and make it an investment hub for foreign investors. With his hard work and willingness to learn, he is one of the top executives in the country.

Introducing The Unicorn Hair Dye From Lime Crime

Lime Crime has been adding color to the world with unique products for many years. The company is known for products such as Velvetines, Unicorn Lipstick and The Venus Grunge Palette. Doe Deere is taking her company to the next level with Unicorn Hair Dye.


The Unicorn Hair Dye features a variety of fun shades that allow you to step out of the world of blonde and brunette. You can browse through 13 shades to find your favorite color. Bunny and Strawberry Jam are perfect if you are looking for a shade of pink. If you love the color blue, then Anime and Blue Smoke are just the shades for you. Are you thinking of adding a touch of green to your look? Lime Crime offers Salad and Jello dye, which are both shades of green. The semi-permanent hair dye is designed to last longer, but it will still look beautiful when it begins to fade.


Every shade is available as a tint formula and full coverage formula. Create a pastel shade by using the tint formula, and be sure to leave it in for 30 minutes. The full coverage formula creates a more intense shade, and you want to leave it on for one to two hours. The company recommends using the dye on hair that is medium blonde or lighter.


Lime Crime has been attracting customers with vibrant shades since 2004. The shades are perfect for expressing any personality, from bright and spunky to dark and mysterious. Whether you are shopping at the mall or kicking back at the night club, you can find the right shade of lipstick or eye shadow for any event. The variety of shades make it easy to create a look that fits your style.


When Doe Deere is not coming up with vibrant shades for hair dye or lipstick, she is encouraging her fans to chase their dreams. She often shares her own story in hopes that it inspires her fans to work hard and succeed.


Lime Crime offers hair dye and other products in a variety of shades so you can create your perfect look.

Equities First – How Great Recession Influenced Borrowers into Seeking Alternative Lending Services

During the house bubble period that led to financial crisis, proof of assets and income were de-emphasized and loans shifted from being fully documented to low documentation then to no documentation. Some effects of the subprime mortgage entailed people having no jobs, no income, and no verification of mortgage required. The loans were informally referred as “liar loans” as they motivated borrowers to become less honest during their loan application processes.The US housing bubble final years saw that took place in 2006 to 2007 witnessed collapsing of mortgage underwriting standards. There is enough proof that the GSEs due to their market power and big size contributed much in policing underwriting by originators which forced underwriters into repurchasing defective loans.

On the other hand, private securitizers remained less effective and aggressive in recovering originators’ losses on behalf of investors. The period likewise witnessed predatory lending where unscrupulous lenders enticed borrowers into engaging with unsound and unsafe loans for unsuitable purposes. Today the menace has affected banks and lending institutions whereby the institutions have tightened their loaning rules and terms by even increasing their interests’ rates. Borrowers have found it easier to seek financial help from other modern kinds of lending and Equities First is one of the companies that have been offering associated services to potential borrowers. With 15 years of giving stock-based loans, Equities First is keen in providing the best services to borrowers in need of alternative lending services.

During recession, a classic bait-and-switch technique was applied by Countrywide Financial, marketing low interest rates for buys interested in home refinancing. The loans were protected by detailed contracts and also swapped by expensive loan products during the closing day. Advertisements stated that 1% or 1.5% of interest rates would be charged, but consumers would be put into ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) where the interests charged would be much higher than that in mortgage systems, hence creating negative amortization. With wide years of experience and good reputation, Equities First still spearheads in providing clients with stock loans which are affordable and easier to apply.

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How Andrea McWilliams Became A Powerful Lobbyist And Philanthropist

Andrea McWilliams is a native of Austin, the capital of Texas. Growing up around politics, she took interest in the field early in her life. At just age 21 she was selected as a Chief Of Staff in Austin. The went on to become a political consultant and lobbyist and has worked on a number of important issues. She is also known as a prolific philanthropist who donates her skills, money, and time to a number of charitable causes.

Andrea’s talent for lobbying has been nationally recognized. In 2009 she was recognized by the Austin Business Journal as the state’s top lobbyist. She has also appeared on national news shows as a political expert, including on channels like FOX News and CNN. She also co-founded McWilliams, a lobbying firm she started with her husband Dean McWilliams. They have crafted and promoted a number of regulatory and legislative bills for their clients, including $100 million in incentives in order to build an advanced clean coal power plant in the state that will capture the carbon that is emitted by the coal.

Andrea McWilliams is known for her philanthropy that involves education, the arts, and cancer causes. Among the field of arts, she has served as a board member for both Mexi-Arte Museum and Arthouse which both promote art exposure in the community. She has also been the President of Inherit Austin, a nonprofit that was founded in order to preserve the architectural and cultural history of the city.

As a breast cancer survivor herself, Andrea has supported, represented, and lobbied for both the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KillCancer. Her dedication to this cause was honored by the Seton Breast Cancer Center which named their screening lobby after her. She has served as an inspiration to other cancer survivors.


Highland Capital Management Can Help Your Company

If your company has money to invest, call on Highland Capital Management. They have millions upon millions of dollars, which have been made on positive investments. They will show you exactly how and where to invest your money. Businesses that hire Highland Capital Management will receive a personal coach. This coach will solely work with this business until the money is properly invested. This coach will show the business owners why certain markets are bad, why certain markets will crash soon, and which markets are the best. All the individuals working for Highland Capital Management have been involved in investments for several years.


If your business is struggling, Highland Capital Management is perfect for you. Highland Capital Management has an entire department dedicated to finding local funds for struggling businesses. Highland Capital Management does more than just make phone calls. Its representatives visit politicians and owners of private non-profit organizations, and these representatives will have an entire presentation to show these people. This presentation will show what your company is doing for the community and why it needs to continue to exist. Thousands upon thousands of businesses received financial help through this Highland Capital Management program.


If your company has collateral that has not been accepted by traditional banking institutions, contact Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management works with lenders that exclusively deal with Highland clients. These lenders take all collateral into consideration, and they rarely look at the credit report of a business. This has been especially helpful for first-time business owners. Many first-time business owners have found it impossible to get a business loan with just a small building or storefront as collateral. The lenders that work with Highland Capital Management are willing to take a chance with first-time business owners, even though they may have limited or even no collateral.


Many large business owners in Dallas, Texas started out as small-business owners who could not obtain a business loan. After working with Highland Capital Management, these companies are now leading businesses within the community. No business in the Dallas area has ever failed when they relied on Highland Capital Management.



“Look and Feel Wonderful with Dr. Walden”

Dr. Jennifer Walden, native of Austin, Texas, attained Honors at the University of Texas at Austin, where she received her undergraduate education with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.


Jennifer then attended the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she earned her Medical Doctorate. The Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami is where She obtained her externship, to learn Face lift Surgery and Anatomy.


She moved from Texas to New York to pursue her career in aesthetic surgery. The integration of Dr. Walden’s skills acquired in aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery made her Practice in Manhattan very successful.


Dr. Jennifer Walden attended the Plastic Surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ears and Throat while in New York and Lenox Hills Hospital. She also was a Clinical Instructor of Surgery at the New York University Langone Medical Center.


Jennifer currently owns the “Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center” in Austin Texas, where she decided to relocate in order to raise her children near family. West Lake Medical Center is also where she runs her own fully accredited office operating suite, where patient’s safety and care are held to the highest standards by herself and team.


Dr. Walden has recently opened a satellite cosmetic surgery clinic at various hospitals. Procedures performed by Dr. Walden include: facial, breast, body, hair restoration, laser surgery, radio frequency, injectables, skin care, and non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is living proof that with the right education, ambition, determination and dedication through the hard you do, your dreams really can come true!!


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M2B Dental Solutions, Helping Dentists Run A Successful Practice

For doctors, right from the start of their medical education, to the time they have to run their practice, they are met with numerous challenges and hardships along the way. At the end, however, doctors are confident that they want to keep helping patients by providing them with the best of services.

For physicians starting out in the profession, it can be hard having to manage all the tasks of a clinic. Especially if you are in the field of dentistry, maintaining the proper records of patients entering and re-entering the clinic is a crucial one.

In having to do so many additional tasks, dentists are pulled more and more away from what they actually love, and are pushed into a professional field where they have to be the master of all traits. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy:

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was a dentist who soon after passing out of dental school was faced with all the hardships and micro-management tasks that dentists have to undertake.

It dawned on him about the hardships of what a dentist can face when it comes to running your practice. But there also exist numerous large corporations that offer dental services as part of a large chain or hospital.

However, most of these services are being run by people who had no idea about anything related to the medical field and who are simply in the profession for the money.

He realized that both these types of practices were flawed, but they also had some good elements about them, which is why they have been working all this while. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva then decided to open up his chain of dental solution clinics which offer more than just good services to their patients.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that was formed by dentists to make their entire dental practice a lot easier. According to Share Care, through M2B Dental Solutions, dentists can have all the administrative tasks taken care of by people who are more experienced than them in the field.

By doing this, dentists can focus on what they do best and provide patients with their undivided attention and best services. Through their wide range of associate programs, Dentists can sign up with M2B and run their successful practice.