NuoDB is a World’s Leading Vendor of Innovative Databases that Empowers Businesses’ Cloud Applications

NuoDB is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-headquartered premier database firm. The primary mission of this technology giant is to develop a reliable cloud database that can support and enhance the performance of today’s businesses. Leveraging its outstanding expertise in database invention and development, NuoDB focuses on coming up with leading edge database, which can easily suit to the ever-changing needs of software companies. These software firms are currently investing heavily in the services-based cloud database to meet the needs of their customers.

NuoDB in brief

A renowned database developer and innovator, Mr. Jim Starke, envisioned the idea of launching a cloud technology database firm back in 2008. He partnered with software manager Barry Morris to actualize the idea that led to the launch of NuoDB in 2010. The vision of the founders of this technology heavyweight was to develop a database that capitalizes on the ability of SQL to make relational technology better and powerful than traditional technology created over three decades ago. Today, the founders’ vision has transformed relational database technology to address the many challenges brought by cloud computing and the increase in global application distributions. NuoDB was unveiled by an innovator, financed by respected market leaders, managed by industry veterans, and developed by talented professionals in the cloud database business.

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