Milan Kordestani’s Journey to Success

Milan Kordestani, famed for being among the youngest CEO’s in the world is the founder of Milan farms and was born in Stanford, California. Kordestani joined Philips Brooks Elementary School in California where he grew up. In 2009, Kordestani was forced to change schools and move to Eaton Square School in London, England due to his parents’ divorce. He then returned to Bay Area, California where he studied at Sacred Heart Preparatory to clear his High School and graduated in 2017.

Milan Kordestani started his passion in horse riding at a tender age of 10. Despite being thrown off while trail riding on a runaway horse, he did not relinquish his dream of being an equestrian. Kordestani attended horse riding lessons at Atherton, California. After a short while of training, he proceeded to compete at higher levels on world champion horses. Kordestani first reaped the fruits of his labor in 2015 where he won the first leg of the triple crown while riding on his horse CH His Supreme Reflection. He was later ranked fourth in the Worlds Championship Horse Show.

In the third round of the triple crown, he attained the third position nationally at the American Royal. A year later, Kordestain then showed a tremendous improvement at the Worlds Championship Horse Show where he gained the second-place title, marking his best position to date.

Milan Kordestani was also an all rounded teenager. Besides being one of the best in horse riding, he was also successful a prosperous farmer. Kordestani established a farm from which he harvested eggs, saffron, and poultry in the year 2015. Kordestani entered the books of history at his young age as being the first farmer ever to grow saffron using mineral nutrient solutions on microfiber sponges under a drip irrigation system. The Milan Farms are pegged on the idea of creating a humane and organic method of growing 100% pure saffron and raising poultry. The Milan Farms also embraces the qualities of honesty and transparency in their unique way of farming.

In 2016, The Milan Farms brand and logo became a trademarked company. The Milan Farms has spread its wings to supply eggs across the West Coast and distribute saffron worldwide.

More about Milan Kordestani

Simply put, Milan Kordestani is a genius! While still a student in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has mastered the skill of poultry and saffron farming, an accomplished equestrian and a renowned writer on Huffington Post in the field of mental health, politics, and agriculture.

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