Jose Borghi – Globally Acclaimed Advertising Professional Based in Brazil

The Brazilian advertising world is growing at a fast pace, and part of the credit can be given to the leading advertising professionals in the industry such as Jose Borghi. He has helped in making a huge difference in the Brazilian advertising sector and has created some of the most beautiful yet profitable ad campaigns for his clients, many of which has won awards at the international awards show, including Cannes, London Film Festival, New York Film Festival, and more. Jose Borghi presently heads the Mullen Lowe Brazil, which is counted amongst the top three advertising firms in Brazil, and creates ad campaigns for some of the biggest companies in Brazil, and also has a considerable size of international clients.

Jose Borghi studied marketed from Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and went on to join Standard Ogilvy, one of the most reputed advertising firms across the globe. While working at Standard Ogilvy, Jose Borghi met some of the mentor figures from whom he learned about publicity and marketing field and got the much-needed exposure he needed to start in the industry. After that, he worked with many other leading adverting firms such DM9DDB, Talent, Leo Burnett, and others. It further polished his skills in the advertising business, and also helped him expand his network further in the advertising world, locally and internationally and his Youtube.

Under the leadership of Jose Borghi, Mullen Lowe Brazil has been able to get some of the biggest accounts in the country. Even though the advertising field has become highly competitive these due to the presence of so many advertising firms in the country, Jose Borghi ensures that the company continues to enjoy a steady flow of business. Jose Borghi has won 20 awards at the Cannes Film Festival, 16 Abril Awards, and 7 Awards at the London Film Festival. Jose Borghi is responsible for the immense growth of Mullen Lowe Brazil, which has helped the firm to be listed among the top three advertising companies in the country. Jose Borghi ensures that Mullen Lowe continues to be one of the frontrunners in the advertising space of Brazil and more information click here.

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