Introducing The Unicorn Hair Dye From Lime Crime

Lime Crime has been adding color to the world with unique products for many years. The company is known for products such as Velvetines, Unicorn Lipstick and The Venus Grunge Palette. Doe Deere is taking her company to the next level with Unicorn Hair Dye.


The Unicorn Hair Dye features a variety of fun shades that allow you to step out of the world of blonde and brunette. You can browse through 13 shades to find your favorite color. Bunny and Strawberry Jam are perfect if you are looking for a shade of pink. If you love the color blue, then Anime and Blue Smoke are just the shades for you. Are you thinking of adding a touch of green to your look? Lime Crime offers Salad and Jello dye, which are both shades of green. The semi-permanent hair dye is designed to last longer, but it will still look beautiful when it begins to fade.


Every shade is available as a tint formula and full coverage formula. Create a pastel shade by using the tint formula, and be sure to leave it in for 30 minutes. The full coverage formula creates a more intense shade, and you want to leave it on for one to two hours. The company recommends using the dye on hair that is medium blonde or lighter.


Lime Crime has been attracting customers with vibrant shades since 2004. The shades are perfect for expressing any personality, from bright and spunky to dark and mysterious. Whether you are shopping at the mall or kicking back at the night club, you can find the right shade of lipstick or eye shadow for any event. The variety of shades make it easy to create a look that fits your style.


When Doe Deere is not coming up with vibrant shades for hair dye or lipstick, she is encouraging her fans to chase their dreams. She often shares her own story in hopes that it inspires her fans to work hard and succeed.


Lime Crime offers hair dye and other products in a variety of shades so you can create your perfect look.

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