How Andrea McWilliams Became A Powerful Lobbyist And Philanthropist

Andrea McWilliams is a native of Austin, the capital of Texas. Growing up around politics, she took interest in the field early in her life. At just age 21 she was selected as a Chief Of Staff in Austin. The went on to become a political consultant and lobbyist and has worked on a number of important issues. She is also known as a prolific philanthropist who donates her skills, money, and time to a number of charitable causes.

Andrea’s talent for lobbying has been nationally recognized. In 2009 she was recognized by the Austin Business Journal as the state’s top lobbyist. She has also appeared on national news shows as a political expert, including on channels like FOX News and CNN. She also co-founded McWilliams, a lobbying firm she started with her husband Dean McWilliams. They have crafted and promoted a number of regulatory and legislative bills for their clients, including $100 million in incentives in order to build an advanced clean coal power plant in the state that will capture the carbon that is emitted by the coal.

Andrea McWilliams is known for her philanthropy that involves education, the arts, and cancer causes. Among the field of arts, she has served as a board member for both Mexi-Arte Museum and Arthouse which both promote art exposure in the community. She has also been the President of Inherit Austin, a nonprofit that was founded in order to preserve the architectural and cultural history of the city.

As a breast cancer survivor herself, Andrea has supported, represented, and lobbied for both the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KillCancer. Her dedication to this cause was honored by the Seton Breast Cancer Center which named their screening lobby after her. She has served as an inspiration to other cancer survivors.


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