Have You Heard Who Rick Smith Is Yet?

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, is a company leading in the fields of technology. It is because of Securus that safety can be insured within the prison system. Tablets, kiosks, communication tools, and voice recognition software are among the many functions that are executed within the company. Rick Smith has emerged from a reputable background of field work, experience, and refined education. He helps oversee that the families and habitants of prison facilities remain safe and read full article.

Rick Smith’s leadership skills stem from his rich educational background. He went to a multitude of schools that include achieving his associates from Rochester Institute of Technology, then at the State University of New York, Buffalo he earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and then he received a master’s in engineering over at the State University in New York. Finally, Smith proceeded to attend the University of Rochester where he earned an MBA. After Smith Graduated, he dove right into a series of positions that would lead credence to the notoriety of his future CEO position at Securus Technologies.

The various hats that Smith has worn throughout the time before he was CEO include holding two different positions (a controller and chief information officer) with Global Crossing North America Incorporated throughout 1972 to 1997. Smith held presidency with Frontier Information Technologies and was vice president for Midwest Telephone Operations. He held the position of Network Plant Operations Director, and he was director of Business Development. With the previous position, he was also the vice president of the company’s Financial Management. After he left in 1997, Smith worked with Eschelon Telecom Incorporation. For two years, he was the company’s chief financial officer. In 2000, Smith became company president. In a short time, he soon moved onto being the CEO. When Smith came to lead, he increased the company’s revenue by 320 million dollars. Rick Smith remained with this company until about 2007, before he would move onto Securus Technologies and what Rick Smith knows.

In early summer of 2007, Securus welcomed Rick Smith into their company by making him CEO. A little over a year later, he added ‘Chairman’ to that title. Even though the company had a strong competitor during that time, Securus had stronger assets in their community, services, and products. Between 2013 and 2016, Securus has demonstrated formidably their strength against all competition by being the most sought after in the world and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

A good indicator of a person is how they lead their community, the community Rick Smith leads shows strength in decision making, a concern for safety, and a firm knowledge base with the people he works with, and https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rick-smith-12.

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