Gregory Aziz Biography And His Contributions In The National Steel Car`s Growth

Gregory James Aziz was born and raised in Ontario London on April 30th, 1949. Greg went to Ridley College and later joined the University Of Western in London to further his expertise in economics. Greg J Aziz started his entrepreneurial journey in 1971 when he joined his family`s foodstuff business, the Affiliated foods. In 16 years, Greg grew the business to becoming a global fresh food importer. Most of its imports came from South, and Central America and Europe, before exportation to fresh food wholesalers in the United States and Eastern Canada.


The National Steel Car Company

In the 80s, Greg Aziz was at the peak of his entrepreneurial journey allowing him to invest in lucrative businesses across New York. He crowned it all in 1994 after he purchased the National steel Car from Dafasco, where he serves as the Chairman, President, and CEO. Greg Aziz’s vision of purchasing the company was to make it one of North America`s leader in the manufacturing and engineering of rail Freight cars, a dream he has currently achieved.


1Within five years National steel car had increased its assembling aptitude from 3500 vehicles annually to 12000 vehicles every year. Greg made this considerable improvement by investing more in human resource and building a stronger working team. Within the five years, the company had increased their staff members from 600 to about 3000. Visit This Page for more information.


National Steel car is the best ISO 9001:2208 certified manufacturer of freight road cars across North America. In the past 18 years, the company has held the best manufacturing industry accolade, and they recently achieved the TTX SECO on quality. All this under the stewardship of Greg. They have a National steel car Christmas festivity where all its past and current employees, and their family members participate in a food drive to support Hamilton’s food banks. Their other sponsorships include Hamilton community development, the Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, the United way, and theatre Aquarius.



His Personal Life and Philanthropy

James Aziz is married to Irene and live in Toronto with their two daughters, Karina and Natalie. They are actively engaged in the equestrian community and always participate in their sports. In the past few years, they have financed several classes in the Royal Winter Fair Horse Show. Greg and the wife are agricultural enthusiasts, and they singlehandedly sponsor the most prominent agrarian fair in Canada, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.



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