Greg Secker’s Passion to Provide Tools for Investing

Greg Secker answered questions about building computers, his passion for making trades, creating awareness for charities and his Flying Trader Initiative. Mr. Greg Secker said while a student at the university he learned to code by building and selling computers. Attending a job fair he talked to Thomas Cook Financial Services after he builds a 3D model of the fluid dynamics of a follicle. He said they got along well and he was invited to interview and got the job. Shortly after starting the job Mr. Secker was asked if he wanted to work on the trading floor building the Virtual Trading Desk. This became the first internet based currency trading platform.

Mr. Greg Secker became interested in foreign trading and with a borrowed £5,000 within a year turned it into £60,000. After making what he decided was a good amount he retired and continued trading at home where he became bored. Mr. Secker began attending seminars of people like Toney Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Dr. John Demartini. This resulted in Greg Secker starting to speak in 2003 and currently has held about 6,000 speaking engagements. The topics Mr. Secker is passionate about including the Success Summit Congress, the National Achievers Congress and wealth expos in the U.S. and other countries.

Mr. Secker’s mission with the foundation was to empower young people providing skills early to shape their future instead of them reaching their mid 30’s and wondering why they had no funds. He hopes to get other entrepreneurs and businesses to participate in philanthropy rather than only donating to charity. Mr. Secker said he owns 17 businesses and a hedge fund and believes everyone should have the tools to have money, not because it’s important, but because it can make things happen.

Greg Secker wrote a step-by-step guide book the Financial Freedom through Forex. Mr. Secker is a resident of London, England and earned a degree attending the University of Nottingham in 1997, where he studied agricultural and food sciences.

The company Mr. Secker formed in 2008 has hosted financial trading seminars in the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Ghana. He has been recognized by the National Corporate, Responsibility and Sustainability (CSR) for Outstanding Individual Corporate Leadership at Learn to Trade.

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