Giving to Others

There are a lot of people who say they have a passion for helping others. However, few people can back that up with any real results. Throughout the course of his life, Keith Mann has made a ton of investments into various community efforts. There are many people who are excited about partnering with him to drive results in their local area. One of the biggest areas where he likes to donate time and money is education. He is a huge proponent that everyone deserves a quality education while growing up. In many areas of New York, this is simply not the case right now. He recently donated a large amount of money to help schools that are struggling to make things work with students.


Keith Mann


Although he did well, he wanted to start his own company. Once he started his business, he had a lot of financial success. Although he still works within his companies, he spends the majority of his time today helping others through community service efforts. This is one of the reasons why he is so effective with all of his ideas.


Future Plans


In the future, Keith Mann has a lot of ideas to help people around him. He wants to improve the overall education system within the local area, and he wants teachers to be compensated more. He feels like one of the biggest issues with teachers today is the fact that they do not earn a great living. The best students may be turned away from teaching because of the low salaries. Keith Mann believes that changing this one fact could completely improve the education system in many ways.


Keith Mann has done a lot of good for others. However, he feels like he is just getting started with a lot of his ideas. If you want to impact the world, he is a great person to learn from.

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