Entrepreneur and Men Advisor – Josh Verne

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who has been in business for more than 20 years. He gives advice on how to succeed in life and business. Josh categorizes the information into points as listed below.


  • Be a leader not a boss: Josh clearly explains there are two types of people in the world of management, one is a leader and the other one is a boss. A boss uses his position and title to accomplish his goals while a leader puts their people before themselves and that is how they gains respect and achieves their goals.
  • Have balance in life: it is clear that life is a balancing act, one may have all the money in the world but if their home and health is not in order they will suffer.
  • Speak less and listen more; Josh says the reason why we have one mouth and two ears is so as to use them appropriately.
  • Let everything be win win: let all your dealings be win win and never agree to have a win loss deal.

Josh Verne is a businessman and he offers advice to men all over the world. Josh began his career by serving at Home Line Furniture. He is an entrepreneur who in 2012 founded Workpays.me which is an on line marketing place. Josh was the Chief Executive Officer of the company before selling it in 2014 to Global Analytics Holdings.

Josh Verne later founded Flocku.com a Pennsylvania-based organization which assists students to exchange ideas. Mr. Verne is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Flocku.com was established in 2016.


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