End Citizens United:Average people Speaking out

The political climate in America is always subject to change. There is only one guarantee that politicians will put the concerns of their constituency first when suggesting policy and that is the threats that they may lose their job if they don’t. The idea of one vote per person ensures that everyone has an equal say when it comes to the policies representatives champion. By this reasoning, it would seem that politicians would respect the will their constituency, however, there is another factor corrupting the political landscape in America. This factor is the influence of money on our political system. In 2010 the Supreme Court made an incredibly unpopular ruling in the case of Citizens United versus FEC. This ruling basically amounted to money being the same thing as speech. This means that rich people can donate as much money as they want to their candidate without being subject to any sort of regulation.

Naturally, this puts the average American a disadvantage. While the rich people can afford to donate thousands of dollars to ensure their candidate votes the way they would prefer the average American has no such luxury. Ultimately, this type of policy is furthering the corruption of political candidates as they sell their votes to the highest bidder. In the long run, this will lead to increasingly disproportionate legislation. Most laws passed by this type of corrupt government will disproportionately favor the needs of the rich over the needs of the poor. This type of situation can easily lead to politicians ignoring the needs of those who cannot line their pockets. The average American, however, is not willing to take such an offensive ruling without a fight.

Grassroots efforts such as those pioneered by political organizations like End citizens United are fighting against the corruption of our government. End Citizens United has determined that the most effective way they can fight back against this corruption is by supporting those politicians with the integrity to reject the bidders for their vote. End Citizens United has made it their mission to raise money through grassroots campaigns from average citizens to support these politicians that are a disadvantage in the current political landscape. The efforts of End Citizens United are trying to change the face of American politics.

End Citizens United’s Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

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