Wengies DIY phone Hacks

One of Wengie’s most popular YouTube videos is her 10 DIY phone hacks video. Throughout this video she shares a variety of different tips and tricks with her viewers that not only offer fun things to do with your phone but also convenient ways to use it.


One of the top hacks is how to make a stylus for your phone. A stylus is a great way to scroll and type so you do not have to use your fingertips. It is very simple to make and requires very few items. Wengie also shows her viewers how to create an armband out of a simple item like a sock. An armband is the perfect way to use your cell phone while working out or when you need your hands free. Armbands can cost money so making it at home can save you time as well as cash.


Some of the other great tips Wengie shares throughout the video is how to make homemade speakers for your phone, a projector out of your phone as well as how to make neon lights look even cooler just using your phone. The video has a variety of different tips that can help every cell phone user.


With so many great ideas it is easy to see why Wengie is one of the top content creators on YouTube. She currently has well over five million subscribers and each of her videos receives millions and millions of views. Her fun bubbly personality as well as her knowledge and creativity makes her one of the top YouTube creators to watch. She is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to make and use different items. She offers many tips and tricks on how to save time as well as save money with very little effort.