Whitney Wolfe Herd Wants Bumble To Branch Out

Most people would agree that the work done by Whitney Wolfe Herd at Bumble is amazing and necessary. She has made Bumble the most popular dating app in the world by focusing on finding ways to give women more power over the dynamics of their dating and to stifle harassment. This female empowerment paid off as Bumble is now one of the most popular apps available. It’s capturing people who normally don’t think of apps as being their kind of dating experience. That alone is something to celebrate but it only captures a tiny portion of what makes Wolfe as ambitious as she is. Whitney Wolfe Herd has a vision for Bumble as an all encompassing social media platform used for everything from friend finding to business.

One of the most notable ways Wolfe is doing this is with the Bumble BFF friend matching service. It helps you find people who you share interests with through a streamlined process similar to what you might find in online dating. The idea has taken off and it’s giving people across the world the ability to talk to and relate to others in a distinctively modern and Millennial way. It’s really making a difference and the potential to expand it well beyond friendship is certainly out there.

The latest craze on Bumble is using the app as a way of finding business partners. Bumble is giving women a new way to connect by making it much easier to find the people they want to do business with. The Bumble app is perfectly designed to help people network and mentor each other in a convenient way. It’s going to be interesting to see which companies decide to adopt similar models and how business changes as the Millennial generation begins entering into management positions with this approach.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has certainly made a name for herself as a voice for female empowerment in the tech industry. She’s proven it can be profitable and she’s proven it is a step all companies need to be taking. The reason she has managed to get as far ahead as she has is through her ability to understand what people want to see and what people want to do. Wolfe is going to be one of the most respected names in tech when she’s finally finished. We’ll just have to wait to see how far she is going to take Bumble and to know more