Traveling Vineyard’s Virtual Trip to Napa Valley

If a list of the most exciting wine places to visit was to be drawn up, Napa Valley would undoubtedly feature among the leading destinations. The valley is located in Napa County, California. In fact, Traveling Vineyard—one of the leading wine companies in the U.S—recognizes Napa Valley for its exceptional wine. However, besides wine, many people know very little about Napa Valley. Thanks to Traveling Vineyard for popularizing places such Napa Art Walk, Napa Valley Historical Society, Round Pound Estate, Silverado Cooking School, Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, and Auberge Spa among other famous places. The company notes that many people that visit Napa Valley tend to take common routes frequented by tourists and newcomers and fail to explore the area fully.

Traveling Vineyard acknowledges the fact that where there is good wine, there must be good food. Therefore, a visit to Napa Valley is incomplete without a trip to Silverado Cooking School. At the school, tourists are trained (by experienced chefs such as Chef Malcolm de Sieyes) to prepare their favorite meals. At the end of cooking sessions, tourists get to enjoy eating the meals they prepared.

Napa Valley’s landscape is fascinating. Often, visitors wonder how the region might have looked like several years ago. Traveling Vineyard advises visitors with burning historical questions to pay a visit to Napa Valley Historical Society. The society houses various artifacts that give a glimpse to the past. More curious tourists can sign up for tours and lectures led by knowledgeable local historians.

Visitors to Napa Valley have a chance to enjoy spa sessions at leading places such as Calistoga Ranch resorts. Typical sessions are characterized by therapeutic massages and baths enhanced by mineral-rich mud and refreshing spring water. Also, hot air balloon rides, drawing lessons, hiking and cycling, yoga sessions and more are available for guests to enjoy.

Apart from grapes, Napa’s soil support olives. World-class olives are cultivated in places such as Round Pond Estate. The estate is home to traditional olive oils as well as craft oils that incorporate spices such as herbs, flowers, or fruit. A visit to an olive mill is beneficial for tourists that wish to learn the entire procedure of producing the oils from start to end.

At Napa Valley, a tourist is surrounded by various types of wines. However, Travelling Vineyard’s Wine Guides are always surrounded by world-class brands of wine. The Guides get to earn money from what they love doing.

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