A Sucessful Business Leader, Stephen Murray

Starting a career is never easy. The road may even seem never ending. Therefore, learning from successful leaders would benefit anyone, personally and/or in a career.

Colleges, Universities or Trade Schools, offer curriculums, groups, organizations and social networks. They ensure the growth of students: whom are serious to become successful. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://fortune.com/2015/03/13/ex-ccmp-capital-ceo-steve-murray-passes-away/

Success as a student embraces success in the job market. Think of yourself as the next president of the USA, BUT, think outside the box and become a business chairmen and/or a CEO.

One great leader that started in a College, Stephen Murray, has surpassed the reputation of many leaders. His career started when he graduated from College in 1984 with a degree in Economics. After his degree in Economics he entered College in 1989, earning a Master Degree in Business.

A College or University has standards and organizations in place to prepare students for the business world. The extra benefit is to gain an open door to a variety of social networks; as seen with Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The Educational environment helped Stephen graduate and pursue his career in top niche companies.

He started his career as a Credit Analyst in 1984. Stephen’s educational background blended with positivity, contributing and meeting business needs, moved his career into sucessful over drive by co-founding CCMP Capital. Of course his drive made him a CEO in 2006.

Stephen used his College experience in becoming a member of The Chairman’s Council, Make A Wish Foundation, and a Food Bank Organization.

He served on the board of Aramark, Genetic Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe and Legacy Hospital Partners; just to mention a few.

Stephen Murray was an extraordinary leader; As seen in his achievements. His career started as a private equity investor opening the door to becoming a CEO and gaining the prestige of sitting on Boards.

As a great business leader, it is with sadness that he passed away March 15, 2015; at the age of 52. However, Stephens achievements should be a business model to follow, to embark on success.