Avaaz, A Voice for the People

Avaaz, an activist group is a voice for the people around the world. It stands for voice in different languages. They are based out of New York City but travels all over the world to connect with different communities. They have grown into a huge organization with millions of people connected in many nations. This organization focuses on “economic issues, climate change, armed conflicts and animal rights.” (www.frenchtribune.com). Due to technology advancements, Avaaz can connect with other social groups internationally. They have a sperate group committed to working on any difficult issue around the globe. Their team also offer “campaigns of extraordinary nimbleness, flexibility, focus and scale.” (www.avaaz.org).

Recently, Avaaz group came together to protest in France. Their messenger spoke on topics about racial discrimination, working together as one and being peaceful. There were some activists holding the European flag while some held the flags of France. Different groups from other countries came together to help with this campaign. There is not anything that can stop this group of positive people. Their main focus is bringing groups together from all over the world to aid each other in the time of need. The need for people internationally to come together as a whole has been over-due. Most people wait for entertainment, death or other personal tragedies to come together. However, Avaaz has inspired many to join in to help make the world a better place. They give individuals the option to volunteer in the area that best fit their personality. Learn more by visiting avaaz.org.

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