Avaaz contributions to solving world’s pressing issues

Avaaz which means ‘voice’ in some of the European, Asian and Middle East languages, is an online movement that seeks to bring people together to fight a common enemy; any injustice and pressing issues such as climate changes, corruption among other problems.

It does this by empowering them through media campaigns, through emails, inspiring action and even signing petitions. Use of internet in coordinating their activities is what makes Avaaz the most coveted organization. It reaches millions of people and makes their voices heard as fast as possible.

The web based activism revolution was founded in 2007 by two groups; Res Publica and MoveOn.org. Res Publica had a goal of unity all the community experts who had same objectives; advocating for transparency by the authorities, upholding community values, and democracy- doing the will of the people.

MoveOn.org on the other side is a non-profit organization based in America promoting respect of public policies. Both organizations came together to fight for compliance with human rights and be the voice for the voiceless.

While Avaaz may have been made stronger by these two activist groups, it is worth noting appreciating the individual contributions of the co-founders of Avaaz.org who happen to be core players in the co-joined groups.

Avaaz.org Leadership

Ricken Patel is the founding president and the chairman of Avaaz.org groups and has a record of public service. He has served globally under International Crisis Group.

Patel’s ability to foster negotiations and agreements may be attributed to his extensive experience in the field and even his studies. He is the graduate of politics, philosophy, and economics (PPE) at the Balliol College based at Oxford University.

Patel later received his Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University.


Avaaz unlike some other organizations, do not accept any government or any company’s funding. They do this to protect their autonomy of acting on their priorities.

But instead, rely on its members’ contributions which in turn make them accountable and free. The spirit of growing together has kept Avaaz going and focusing on the same values keeps them always glued on the mission.

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Omar Yunes Made Sushi Itto International

The Sushi Itto Brand was something that was popular in Japan. It had a lot of people who enjoyed it and that was something that was great for the business but it was not an international company. Because of this, it wasn’t something that people would be able to change and was something that people found hard to be able to manage no matter what was going on with the companies. As it grew, Omar Yunes recognized it from his position in Mexico and wanted to change things so that he would be able to grow the company. From where it was at, he knew that making it an international company would be one of the best options that they would have. He also wanted to show people that things would be able to change based on the options that they had when they were in different areas.

Since Omar Yunes was based out of Mexico, putting a Sushi Itto in the country was the best possible solution that he could think of. He wanted the company to grow, to be successful and to be international. Because of this, he decided that starting by putting it in different areas would be one of the best options for improving the experience that people had while they were doing different things with the company. It was also a way for Omar Yunes to make sure that his company would be successful. The franchises that he has are what made Sushi Itto an international company.

Omar Yunes has proven to be a great franchisee. He has learned a lot in the time that he has been in business and that has given him all of the opportunities that he needs to continue improving the restaurants. He plans on making things better for all of the areas and all of the restaurants in Mexico. For now, though, he is happy with the fact that he won an award for owning the franchises. He was able to make a lot of money and make many people happy with the things that he was doing so he won the award.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America and In-Depth Cancer Treatment

CCTA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) is an organization that’s currently working with both AllScripts and NantHealth. They’re all working as a team to create customized technical paths that empower Eviti to make use of high-quality clinical workflows. Eviti is a clinical decision sector that’s a part of NantHealth. “Clinical Pathways” is the name of a program that provides people with a comprehensive education regarding the treatment of cancer and how it works. It does this but at the same time doesn’t interfere with doctors and their workflows in any way. Clinical Pathways showcases any and all available and suitable treatment choices. People appreciate it because it often does away with uncertainty during the treatment process.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a group that’s based in many locations all across the United States. It has centers in cities such as Newnan, Georgia, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Goodyear, Arizona, Zion, Illinois, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and, finally, Schaumburg, Illinois. Its main office, however, is in the sunny city of Boca Raton in Florida.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America consists of a total of five hospitals. These hospitals cater to patients who need in-depth cancer treatment all around the nation. Integrative cancer treatment is the primary focal point for the team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Integrative procedures are a big priority for the group. The organization also makes use of standard cancer treatment options. It employs standard treatment paths to take care of cancers in and of themselves. Examples of these treatments include immunotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Its integrative procedures are beneficial for the reduction of cancer side effects. Potential side effects of cancer include nervousness, depression, malnutrition, lymphedema, exhaustion, nausea and intense pain. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been hard at work since launching back in 1988. Richard J. Stephenson created the group.
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Omar Yunes Draws Global Attention to Mexican Franchises

Omar Yunes is a Sushi Itto franchisee who won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Award in Italy in December of 2015. He started in the business of Japanese food when he was 21 and since then he has become the owner of 13 franchise units in Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz. These units make up about 10% of the total franchises of the Sushi Itto brand. Yunes is proud to represent Sushi Itto and recognizes that this award is not only his alone, but it also belongs to his 400 collaborators at his 13 locations and the possibility to innovate which Sushi Itto allows.

In the 2015 BFW edition, there were representatives from 34 countries with strong players from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico and Portugal. The evaluation criteria for the Best Franchisee of the World Award was the franchisee’s influence in the franchise network, knowledge, saving methods that were implemented, employee motivation, direct improvements and proposed model improvements. The judges of the Mexican contestants were representatives from the University of Anáhuac (Universidad Anáhuac), the Mexican Franchise Association (Asociación Mexicana de Franquicias), business executives and entrepreneurs

According to Diego Elizarrarrás, the organizer of BFW Mexico, Yunes won the award because he was an important factor in creating a way of managing information and control systems that allow the brand to measure the success of franchise units with clarity. In addition, he says that Yunes helped put Mexican franchise businesses in the global scenario.

Omar Yunes is a Mexican business executive and has drawn global attention to Mexican Franchises. He has strived to promote teamwork in his franchise units in offering clients excellent service as well as exceptional food and hospitality. Omar Yunes is a prominent figure in Mexico and has been recognized for is exceptional results in making Mexican franchises reach global levels.

Cancer Treatment Centres of America Join Forces with Allscripts and Nanthealth to Birth Clinical Pathways

In the year 2016, Cancer Treatment Centers of America together with NantHealth and Allscripts came up with the idea to integrate cancer treatment. The initiative would make it easy for cancer patients to understand their treatment programs. This led to the development of clinical pathways. The program was developed through the involvement of various oncologists across America, and it has extensive information on the evolving cancer care.

Clinical pathways provide informed treatment options to cancer patients. It also allows patients to discuss the treatment options available to their clinical officers so that they can choose a treatment that is both cost friendly and most efficient for them.

Clinical pathways also help clinicians to avoid guesswork that could be brought about by being unaware of new information and findings. Clinicians can retrieve data from an Evidence-based Medical collection that comprises of over 2000 most efficient, tested and proven formulas covering all forms of cancers and cancers sub-types. The information is compiled from relevant literature, government agencies, oncology associations, and is maintained by oncology experts. This helps to boost the confidence of the clinicians on having provided the best prescription for a particular diagnosis.

About CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in the year 1988 by Mr. Stephson after his dear mother succumbed to cancer. This is because he was not satisfied with the treatment offered to her. The first hospital was opened at Midwest Regional Medical Center, and CTCA has since developed into a network of five hospitals across America. CTCA’s main function is to provide cancer solutions to adults who have cancer from all over America.

Currently, CTCA has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. It applies conventional means like chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and surgery to help cure cancer. At the same time, it offers programs to manage and handle side effects realized during treatment and after treatment approaches.

Avaaz, A Voice for the People

Avaaz, an activist group is a voice for the people around the world. It stands for voice in different languages. They are based out of New York City but travels all over the world to connect with different communities. They have grown into a huge organization with millions of people connected in many nations. This organization focuses on “economic issues, climate change, armed conflicts and animal rights.” (www.frenchtribune.com). Due to technology advancements, Avaaz can connect with other social groups internationally. They have a sperate group committed to working on any difficult issue around the globe. Their team also offer “campaigns of extraordinary nimbleness, flexibility, focus and scale.” (www.avaaz.org).

Recently, Avaaz group came together to protest in France. Their messenger spoke on topics about racial discrimination, working together as one and being peaceful. There were some activists holding the European flag while some held the flags of France. Different groups from other countries came together to help with this campaign. There is not anything that can stop this group of positive people. Their main focus is bringing groups together from all over the world to aid each other in the time of need. The need for people internationally to come together as a whole has been over-due. Most people wait for entertainment, death or other personal tragedies to come together. However, Avaaz has inspired many to join in to help make the world a better place. They give individuals the option to volunteer in the area that best fit their personality. Learn more by visiting avaaz.org.

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