Former Atlanta Hawks Ownership and Insurance Company go to Court Over Ferry Settlement

Since General Manager Dan Ferry left the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson has been locked in a quiet dispute over that contract termination and the payout that followed. Now, Levenson is headed to court with the New Hampshire Insurance Company (NHIC) in a bid to get back some of the money he lost when Ferry walked away.

Bruce Levenson has filed a lawsuit in connection with his time with the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment company as its Governor. When he was part of the ownership of the team they’d obtained an insurance policy with the NHIC that should’ve covered them under specific circumstances like the one that occurred when Ferry left the team. But, according to the lawsuit filed with the Fulton County Court, the NHIC never payed out.

When Ferry was originally signed on to be the General Manager for the Atlanta Hawks in 2012, Levenson though he’d stay on for six years. But in 2015 Ferry terminated his contract and left the team, ending his exit negotiations just days before Levenson handed over control of the team himself. This workplace separation was one such circumstance Levenson expected the NHIC to cover, yet he was left to shoulder the cost.

According to Bloomberg‘s report on Levenson’s lawsuit, the NHIC is guilty of bad faith in policy for failing to cover Ferry’s separation as stipulated in the insurance policy. Not only did the insurance company not payout, they never informed Levenson that they would have no part in covering Ferry’s exit, leaving the former Hawks owner to cover the cost. Now Levenson is seeking damages from Ferry’s contract termination from NHIC for failing to execute the policy he had received from them.

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