Atlantic City’s Housing Gets Some New Polish

Atlantic City is a place in need of fresh, modern new housing, according to the Vice President of Boraie Development, Waseem Boraie, and that’s exactly what it is getting with the upscale new apartment complex, The Beach at South Inlet. The Beach is scheduled to open this summer, and it marks the first upscale new housing development to go up in the area in over two decades.

The Press of Atlantic City is currently reporting on the development of The Beach, which is going up in a lot that is bordered by Connecticut, Pacific, New Jersey, and Atlantic Avenues. It is hoped that this upscale new building complex will provide new homes for the 50,000 people who are employed in the local resort area. Check out NJ Biz to know more.

A New Belief in Atlantic City

The sight of a large new building complex going up is great news for a city that has seen a major downturn in its fortunes over the last ten years, as the gaming industry suffered when nearby states opened up their own casinos. During the past decade, several local casinos closed, but there is a sense that this may have ultimately helped to keep local gaming to a manageable size.

Boraie Development’s Commitment to Atlantic City

According to WSJ, Boraie Development has had a huge commitment to the improvement of Atlantic City over the years, and Vice President Waseem Boraie told The Press of Atlantic City that The Beach at South Inlet can play a major part in attracting a younger generation of workers to the area. In Boraie’s view, new development needs to cater to the needs of this demographic, with upscale amenities like the pool, gym and lounge area that The Beach offers. Boraie also notes that in Atlantic City, over 60 percent of the housing was built over 40 years ago, so there is definitely a need for more modern and more appealing developments here.

Boraie Development, LLC has long been committed to making a difference in the quality of life in the Atlantic City area, with its array of real estate development and sales services. With the new addition of The Beach at Inlet in the area, Boraie is making a major statement about the general feeling optimism about Atlantic City and its future. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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How Jason Halpern has Grown his Real Estate Firm.

Jason Halpern is an American real estate professional who has been recognized for the exceptional buildings that he develops. He has been serving the sector for many years, and this has allowed him to acquire sufficient knowledge. Mr. Halpern owns a real estate construction company that is known as JMH Development. The main offices of his firm are in Brooklyn, New York, and he has been its managing director. His background is substantially linked with the industry since his family manages a third generation real estate company that was established approximately 50 years ago. The accomplishments of the enterprise include constructing exceptional properties in the New York and Westchester County. The company has an excellent reputation in the two cities. JHM Development currently owns several commercial real estate properties that it rents out for business in the Westchester County. Jason has been hired to build various state-of-the-art structures in different U.S cities. His success has been profoundly influenced by his passion.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Mr. Halpern’s company has established an outstanding record in offering dependable services, and it has also built a niche for itself. The experience of the real estate guru enables him to stand out from other professionals. JMH Development has served various communities in the United States, and it always ensures to maintain healthy relationships with them. Jason’s ability to associate with the people makes his work exceptional. The construction services that are offered by his company are wide, and they cover both commercial and residential property. The firm understands different markets well, and it has been building lavish real estates that match the luxurious lifestyles in Miami, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Mr. Halpern is also recognized for actively participating in important community courses. He offered a huge donation that significantly assisted in supporting the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center’s activities. The hospital operates from the Westchester Medical Center, and it has well-trained doctors. It is also equipped with a Level 1 Trauma Facility that is used in orthopedic surgery, complex emergency neurosurgery, open heart surgery, and fixing dislocated limbs. Other patients who seek its services are burn victims, children, individuals who have internal injuries, and pregnant women.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

JMH Development also gives back to the society in different regions of the globe. Its latest project is to offer clean water to the people of Egypt and Nepal. It joined efforts with an international water non-profit firm to ensure that more than 650 families access fresh water. The company is still working to ensure that it keeps benefiting people. The Splash and Relief Society of Tigray have been contracted to build the water project. JMH has promised that it will be giving $20000 for every deal that it is offered by the Three Hundred Collins, which is based in Miami.

Sam Strauch is a Top Real estate Agent in Miami Florida

Samuel Strauch has been the principal real estate agent at Metrik Real estate in Miami, Florida for the past 15 years. Samuel Strauch has had a real estate license in the state of Florida for the past 14 years. He brought a lot of education into his line of work. Mr. Strauch was educated at Erasmus and Harvard Universities. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business at Hofstra University in New York, New York.

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Before joining his family’s real estate business in Southern Florida. Samuel Strauch started out in the banking business. Most of Samuel Strauch’s success in real estate is when he learned investors from Mexico became interested in buying property in the United States, especially in Miami, Florida. For many Mexican investors, they want to diversify and have planned to make Miami Beach and New York, New York as their plan B. Investing in real estate in the United States is particularly important to Mexicans because their own country may be on the brink of economic downfall.

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Samuel Strauch is associated with Home Light. Drew Uher and his wife had set out to buy their first home, and they had trouble finding the right agent. This is when Mr. Uher created a home agent finder company. One of their best home agents is Samuel Strauch. Home Light considers Samuel Strauch at the top 12 percent of all their real estate agents for selling homes in the Miami area. He’s in the top 16 percent for selling homes the fastest of all the real estate agents registered at Home Light. According to Home Light, Strauch represents his clients 78 percent of the time. He helped in the transaction of one condominium that sold for $889,500 and another that sold for $732,500. People who buy with Strauch are highly satisfied.  Check

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