OSI Food Solutions Now Has the Ability to Double Chicken Production

The global leader in the production and distribution of healthy, quality meats, OSI Food Solutions, just made a major announcement. The company has made multiple major acquisitions already this year in both Europe and North American markets. Yet, one of the most major announcements comes from its facilities in Spain. The Spain facilities of OSI Food Solutions just announced that it has widened its capacities and will now be able to produce double the amount of chicken annually than it has ever before.

The facilities in Spain have added what is referred to as a high-capacity production line. This high-capacity production line gives the employees the ability to produce twice as much chicken within a similar time frame. The cost to install one of these is 17 million euros. However, OSI Food Solutions believes that the cost of investing 17 million euros will be regrouped with the higher level of production of chicken. Last year, with the past production line, the facility was able to produce around 12,000 tons of chicken products. With the new high-capacity production line, the Spain OSI Food Solutions will be able to produce 24,000 tons of chicken. That volume of chicken will then be distributed to thousands of distributors, retailers and restaurants throughout Europe.

In addition to the ability to produce twice as much chicken as previous years, the new high-capacity production line is creating more jobs in the area. The plant is located in Toledo, Spain and the area will soon have several hundred new jobs available. This is essential as high-quality jobs are often difficult to find in the area. One of those jobs will be a managerial position, which will be a wonderful opportunity for someone to have a high-paying job while overseeing the production of chicken.

The demand for chicken products has been increasing throughout Spain and throughout Portugal. In the past three years there has been about an eight percent increase in the demand, and that number is only expected to rise throughout the next several years. With the addition of the high-capacity production line and the addition of over twenty thousand square feet of space, OSI Food Solutions will be in a prime position to be ahead of market demand, thus reaping the profits. In fact, OSI has even added a state-of-the-art testing and cooking kitchen to try out potential new products that may be in demand in future years.

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OSI Industries Has Purchased A Netherlands Company

OSI Industries is one of the nation’s leading producers of many varied kinds of food products. In an effort to further capture additional markets, this Illinois company knows that it must continue to expand. One of the places that continues to be a good bet for many American companies is northern Europe. Many northern European countries are some of the most affluent countries in the world. This is particularly true of The Netherlands. The Netherlands serve as stopping off point for many travelers. Amsterdam is a hub of industry and travel. At OSI Industries, they know that pairing with Netherlands based businesses can offer them a ticket into many other parts of Europe. It is this understanding that has led leaders of the company to eye new potential industries in this nation. Officials who watch the retail food industry are therefore not surprised at company’s decision to purchase Baho Foods. Baho Foods shares many similar interests with OSI Industries as well as a similarly wide network of varied production companies scattered across several European nations. The new acquisition should have many benefits for all concerned including consumers, employees and the company’s thoughtful and effective managers.

Working Closely

Those at Baho Foods are definitely pleased with their decision to pair up with OSI Industries. David McDonald is the head of the OSI Group. As the Chief Operating Officer and the President of the company, he is clear to investors and his employees about his desire to establish a firm base in the European markets. Consequently, he expects this new acquisition to be truly beneficial for his company. He is working very closely with John Balvers. Balvers is the Managing Director at Baho Foods. His and his team know a great deal about the European food markets. They hope to continue to bring this base of knowledge to their work at the new company. With their help, they expect that OSI can use their company’s expertise to serve the eighteen European nations where they presently operate. They also hope to consider ways to expand into the over forty members of the European Union in the future. They know that it is possible for their combined efforts to help expand the choices that customers have when it comes to purchasing food at one of the outlets that Baho Foods serves. The price that was paid for the company was not revealed to the public.

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