Alex Pall on their new identity and style

Mathias Rosenzweig of the Interview magazine had a one on one talk with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart famously known as the Chainsmokers after the release of their highly anticipated new single, “closer,” featuring Halsey. He was interested in knowing how the pair would create an identity and keep evolving with their continually growing audience.Rosenzweig asked the duo how they met and what made them know that they could work together.

Andrew narrates that as he was working as a DJ in Maine, something he had been passionate about while still a student in Syracuse, a kid who worked for Alex’s manager told him that the Chainsmokers a DJ duo was looking for a new band member to replace one who was leaving. So he took a bus to New York and as soon as he met Alex, they started working together. Pall added that he knew they could work together because they had similar passions, shared the same core values and wanted to shape an identity around the same thing.

According to Taggart, being a DJ duo and creating a substantial identity as artists weighed the same on both extremes. He said that so many people were producing the same kind of content and it needed a little more effort to create content that was intrinsically yours. Mathias was overly excited by the fact that unlike their peers, the duo sang their songs and in response, Pall mentioned that they always strive to make songs that have a relation to one another.

When asked about their experience working with Halsey, Alex Pall said that she was incredibly talented and owned herself throughout the song which they had written on one of their tours. He added that their audience had become more international and it cut across the age bracket from what he saw on social media. Having said this, Mathias asked how they were changing their live shows to accommodate all their fans regardless of their age. Pall said it was about giving humanity new experiences and pushing on new boundaries.