To do a lot of business in this world, many times it requires having a credit score. This is where GreenSky Credit does their shining. Backed by powerful and intelligent executives, GreenSky has grown their company significantly. GreenSky Credit now has 1.6 million satisfied customers currently using their services. They also have 12,000 active merchants ready to help you reach your financial goals. To this day, they have loaned over $10 billion and are making a big difference in a unique way. GreenSky Credit has been able to enhance their users’ experience by empowering credit, payment, and commerce by making transactions easier overall. This has all been done under the brilliance of CEO David Zalik. All in all, GreenSky Credit is the real deal. However, there is one other person I would like to talk about in the financial industry and that would have to be CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, Sahm Adrangi.

Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Since founding it all the way back in 2009, he has contributed tremendously to his firm’s growth over the years. He started small with only a million dollars and now the firm manages over $150 million in assets. What a growth! Like GreenSky Credit, Sahm started out in the credit industry. He performed high-yield financing and leveraged loan debt financing while at Deutsche Bank. Not only that but he was also a trusted advisor for creditor committees that were dealing with either bankruptcy or out-of-court situations that were difficult to tackle. He has also spent many years at a hedge fund called Longacre Management. All in all, Sahm is the right guy you want managing your money. Why? He has the education to back up his experience. He graduated from one of the top schools in the country, Yale University and got a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

In the end, credit is very important for many reasons. Without it, you will have a very hard time getting a loan. With a great credit score, you will be opened up to so many new opportunities and possibilities. Committing to GreenSky is a decision you won’t regret.