All About Brazilian Lawyer Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a leading attorney in the Sao Paulo financial center of Brazil. With over a decade of experience either studying or working within the field, Bruno has made a name for himself and the company he launched in 2016, Fagali Advocacy. Before beginning his own career, Bruno studied at several universities throughout Brazil. He obtained a degree in Administrative Law in 2012 from the University of Sao Paulo. In 2015, he earned his Master’s degree from the Catholic University of Brazil in law. Despite being new to the field and just starting his career, his extensive background and education has earned him a spot with some of the most well-known attorneys within the country.

Besides the amount of education he has had, Bruno Fagali worked with several organization and law firms before graduating from the university. His work with the Vargas Foundation gave him the skills and knowledge to begin his own career in compliance and administrative law. He also volunteered for several charities while going to school and worked at the House Opportunities as a family intern lawyer. Despite the fact that he does not work as a family lawyer any longer, what he was able to learn from the company continues to go with him while working with both individual clients and their families.

Bruno Fagali launched own company in 2016 known as the Fagali Advocacy. There was a gap in the market for high-quality compliance and administrative law, and Bruno realized that there needed to be a corporation that helped both companies and high net work individuals to obtain these legal proceedings in a convenient and professional manner. The Advocacy’s website blog is continually updated by Bruno himself as a way to educate people of Brazil of the varying laws and degrees that are needed when working with administrative proceedings. When Bruno is not working at his office or helping clients with their own cases, he can be found spending time with his wife and children. He is also a lover of all things soccer-related and can often be found at different sporting events.

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Attorney and Mentor- Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldenstein &Associates is a single law firm which was primarily established to offer the legal services to a variety of clients who include Chief Executive Officers, executive compensation committees, business ventures, as well as management teams.

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in the Goldstein L. & Associates, and apart from being a partner, the attorney has been given other responsibilities in other organizations which include being the Chairman of the American Bar Association where he heads the merges and acquisition sub-committee.

Jeremy has a vast experience in the legal sector, he has worked with other legal groups, and he is considered to be a leading lawyer when it comes to executive compensations in the United States of America.

After his high school education, Jeremy did his legal studies from New York University where he graduated with a J.D, Cornell University where he received his Business Administration as well as his M.A from the University of Chicago. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook

Jeremy is a go-getter and when he realized that there was a conflict in executive compensation he decided to create the Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associates to fill the gap that existed when organizations dealing with executive compensations were breaking.

Mr. Goldstein is passionate about people that is why he spends most of his day advising his clients as well as other people on how to make serious decisions about their life including their careers as well as their pay.

Jeremy has been serving in the legal industry for over 20 years, and according to him, there is nothing new for him in the industry.

Jeremy Goldstein is excited about the fact that after many years the executive compensation, as well as the governance in general, is now stable. With the stability, the compensation committees, organizations as well as heads of companies can now direct their strength to other corporate issues which will lead to company growth.

The attorney has been working hard to develop a secure connection with his customers because he knows it is easy to work with people you know. Valuing people has helped Jeremy to be productive in his business.

Goldstein knows that he cannot do without people, and he must stay in touch by calling them, writing to them as well as following on them. To the young generation, Jeremy advises them not to be afraid of setbacks, because what seems like a setback is usually an opportunity.

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