What Did James Larkin Do For The People?

James Larkin was a majorly influential business man and creator. During his career, he created many things that shaped and transformed the Irish worker’s life. James created the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union. He was an activist and hard worker who spent his life dedicated to making a difference.

James Larkin did not grow up in the best of circumstances. Growing up in poverty, he did not have much education and because of his family’s circumstances, he spent most of his youth working to help support them. During this time he experienced the horrendous work conditions that he would later try to change.

His first attempt to change and better the conditions that workers faced, came when he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers. He worked for the union full time, working as a union organizer.

After two years with this union, he went on to found the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union. James Larkin’s vision was to use this union to combine all of the industrial workers in Ireland into one union.

Through the creation of his union, James Larkin was responsible for many protests and strikes that went on to create better working conditions and opportunities for workers. Perhaps his biggest accomplishment came with his leading of the 1913 Dublin Lockout. During this time, over 100,000 went on strike for several months and eventually won, achieving fair employment.

Throughout his quest for change, it was important to James Larkin that violence was never a part of his strive for change. Although his methods might have raised some concerns, they were always achieved without using violence as a method to gain attention and change.

After an eventful several years, James Larkin created the Workers Union of Ireland. Throughout his life, he never stopped striving to improve the rights and conditions that workers deserved.

Although some of his actions during his career gained him some negative attention, his work for the common man helped to change the way workers were treated and helped them to earn a livable wage. James Larkin was an activist for the people and spent his career trying to improve the lives of many.

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