Jim Tananbaum; a Successful Investor with an Eye for Great Ideas

To many, Foresite Capital is just a firm that invests on healthcare-tech inventions. However, little is told regarding the company’s successful journey. In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Foresite’s founder, Jim Tananbaum spilled a few details concerning the firm’s long worthy journey. According to Jim, launching Foresite was motivated by his more than 25 years spent both as a healthcare professional and an investment strategist.

Just like any other successful entrepreneur, Jim’s typical day is spent around other members of his team as well frequent meetings to discuss the company status. Jim is a committed family man. Therefore, if not having dinner with a friend or associate, Jim loves enjoying the meal with his loving family.

In the tech industry, at times bringing an idea into life is proven difficult. While talking to IdeaMensch, Jim Tananbaum said that bringing ideas into life does not only revolve around the capital but instead requires the mindset of the smartest and capable leaders in the healthcare sector. Thus, through his company, excitingly, individuals have managed to make scientific discoveries to solve healthcare largest unmet needs.

During an interview with IdeaMensch, Jim Tananbaum said persistence is a thing that he would boldly suggest to any investor out there seeking success. According to Jim Tananbaum, doing a thing over and over again is an act that he enjoys doing with less fear of losing.

The renowned individual, Jim, who once took the risk of investing all his liquidity in people, told IdeaMensch that one of the strategies that attribute to his success is his critical skill of understanding the healthcare sector. The healthcare industry is ever-changing, a thing that Jim is well adopted. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

About Jim Tananbaum

Many know Jim Tananbaum as the seating CEO and the founder of Foresite Capital, a company that today manages $1.1 billion worth of assets. Jim takes credits for the success of Foresite, an accomplishment that is influenced by his more than 25 years’ experience in the healthcare sector.

Jim is well-known for his involvement in the founding of biopharmaceutical companies. Upon graduating from the Harvard Medical School, Jim founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals, a firm that introduced two drugs to the market for about $80 million. Jim also founded Theravance, Inc. Also, Jim was a founding partner of Prospect Venture Partners II and III. Before, Jim was a partner at Sierra Ventures. Besides, the successful professional has led many investments such as Amerigroup, Healtheon, Amira Pharmaceuticals, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

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Chris Burch Advises The Business Owner To Set The Tone

One of the best things to do with employees is to set the tone early on in the relationship. Some people need to know what is expected of them. For one thing, leaving people to guess is one of the worst things a business owner could do because it takes up a lot of energy in order to figure out what is expected. Also, inconsistent people are not going to get respect, especially from experienced workers. This is one of the reasons that one has to not only set the tone, but maintain the tone throughout the career of the individual.


Chris Burch is really good about setting the tone with his employees. For one thing, he writes a lot. He understands that it is important for writers to set the tone of the story they are going to write and make an effort to be consistent with the tone. One thing that does not help is if one is reading something that is all over the place. The same applies to management and business running. A leader that is all over the place is only going to stress his workers out. This is another reason that Chris Burch makes sure that the tone is set in his business.


One thing that a business owner does not want to do is stress out his employees. At some point, the employee is going to check out and his work performance is going to suffer. Job burnout is a common issue that is best avoided. Therefore, it is important for the business owner to make sure that a little bit of care is given to the employees so that they will be more willing to do their job. Structure and honesty is one of the best things to give an employee of the business.