Stansberry Research predicts that Berkshire Hathaway is Going Down

It’s without a doubt that Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway has been an incredibly successful American business entity. You might even argue that it’s one of capitalism’s biggest successes in history. According to Stansberry Research, their era of glory is about to come to a tragic end. They go ahead to claim that the problem is quite bigger than most of Warren Buffet’s fans are willing to accept.

The bad mismanagement

From Stansberry Research observation, lousy mismanagement of Berkshire Hathaway is its poison. This financial research publisher points out that Berkshire Hathaway’s primary source of revenue, which is a string of successful insurance companies are currently hurting under the skin. Bad mismanagement of the whole venture has caused this, and now they are hurting from continuous disastrous investments. Bad investments are significantly hurting their revenue flow.

The cover-up

Stansberry Research claims that the only reason no one else has been able to catch wind of the disaster at Berkshire Hathaway is that its CEO, Warren Buffet is good at PR. In addition to that, Mr. Buffet has been covering up the losses with revenue from his other investments and blinding his shareholders.

The hard solution

This financial research company goes ahead to suggest that the best way for Berkshire Hathaway to save itself from this hard fall is by splitting its businesses. They suggest that Mr. Buffet should split his insurance ventures from his other investments to make sure that everything doesn’t go down.

About Stansberry Research

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