Goettl Shows A Few Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bills

During the summer months, utility costs soar as people crank up their air conditioners. There are ways to make the cooling of your home more efficient, though, as the people at Goettl have explained. This will help quite a bit in keeping the costs lower and more affordable.

The first step is to maintain your air conditioning unit. This includes replacing the air filter on a regular basis, at least every three months. You should also regularly check it to make sure it is free of debris and that all vegetation is cut back at least two feet away from the unit. You should also check the refrigerant lines to make sure there are no leaks in them.

Another way to save money is to get one of the new smart thermostats. They can be programmed to keep your home cooler when people are home and let the temperature get hotter when the home is vacant. Indeed some of the newest thermostats can even sense when people are home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Goettl is a company based in Arizona that are experts in heating and cooling homes as well as duct cleaning. According to, Business Press Vegas, they have been helping people be comfortable in the southwest for decades, an area of the country which has harsh heat for much of the year. They install the latest air conditioning units as well as furnaces. They also offer maintenance services and repair.

Goettl was established in 1939 by two brothers. They have rapidly expanded over the last few years under the leadership of a new owner. They now offer their services in the Phoenix and Tuscon areas of Arizona. They also have locations in both Las Vegas as well as California. Their mission is to save their customers money and help people keep their homes safe and comfortable.  Read more about Goettl on yelp.com.