Dr. David Samadi Recommends Surgery as a More Effective Way to Treat Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is among the fatal diseases affecting older men. Numerous people have been diagnosed with the illness among them prominent leaders. However, with the advancement in treatment methods, a significant number of affected individuals have had the disease cured. Mitt Romney, former Republican presidential nominee is among the 161,360 men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. Recently, however, Mitt announced to have undergone surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery which was done by Dr. Thomas Ahlering at UC Irvine Hospital, California was successful.

Besides Mitt Romney, Colin Powel: former Secretary of State underwent a similar surgery at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in 2003. John Kerry was also diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was running for United States Presidency. Fortunately, he underwent surgery and the illness hasn’t recurred since 2002.

As pointed out by Dr. David Samadi, the American Cancer Society has approximated around 164,690 new diagnoses of the illness this year. In most cases, individuals diagnosed with prostate cancer are those around 65 years and above with 66 years being the average age.

Before starting treatment, Dr. David Samadi takes his time to explain to his patient the pros and cons of the treatment methods. This way, individuals can understand what to expect. In cases where the tumor hasn’t grown deeply or spread to nearby parts, Samadi recommends both surgery and radiation. According to several studies, combining the two methods have proven to be more effective for patients with the disease contained in their prostate glands.

Dr. David Samadi, however, recommends surgery over radiation. The reason is that the side effects of radiation expose patients to the risk of developing secondary cancer such as rectal, or bladder cancer. Another reason is that if cancer comes back after radiation, it becomes almost impossible to perform surgery. Additionally, prostate cancer patients who undergo radiation treatment have a shorter lifespan and fewer chances of survival compared to those who undergo surgery. David Samadi advises men diagnosed with prostate cancer to consider the oncologist’s experience and qualifications. Knowledgeable practitioners will guide them successfully throughout the treatment process and help them make informed decisions.

After graduating with a degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University, Samadi went to Stony Brook School of Medicine. He later joined Montefiore Medical Centre and Albert College of Medicine to sharpen his professional skills. Samadi served as the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is known for his innovative surgical developments and consistent health advises through his blog and radio shows.

Eric Lefkofsky and the Important work of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky may not be a household name for the majority of America but he is certainly someone that tech minded entrepreneurs have been paying attention to. Eric Lefkofsky is a billionaire tech guru out of Chicago, IL who has been working in the data mining and aggregate world for a long time. As an entrepreneur he has pioneered some incredibly profitable and innovative companies. Now, Lefkofsky is setting his sights on working within the medical industry as he seeks to change the very way we approach cancer care and patient research.

Eric Lefkofsky has been focused on his work with start up company Tempus for the better part of the past two years. The company recently raised an additional $70 million in series C Funding and is now labeled at a $700 million valuation. All of the money in the world doesn’t compare to what Tempus is actually doing, however, and that is something that we will tackle with more specificity.

Tempus is using a special kind of technology in order to pull in clinical data and genomic data from patients around the country into a central aggregate. Tempus operates something like a digital blanket which is then summarily laid over the Electronic Health Records that hospitals have been familiarizing themselves with over the past several years. Lefkofsky and the team at Tempus understand just how haphazard data collection has been for cancer care patients and they know that proper data collecting can be the difference between life and death. After all, being able to find out why a certain medication works on one patient while not working on the other is well worth the knowledge!

Tempus is working hand in hand with a variety of different facilities as they seek to bully their way into the healthcare industry. Tempus has partnered up with the famous May Clinic as well as the Duke University School of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic, as well. With progress Tempus will become a leading source of data on patient care and molecular information for patients around the country and eventually the world.

Jennifer Walden is Austin’s Finest Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is a field dominated by male surgeons. This often presents a problem- most clients are female, and cosmetic surgeon is typically an intensely personal process. Client’s are often forced to share extremely embarrassing personal information with a cold, unsympathetic surgeon who can’t possibly relate by virtue of their gender. Unfortunately, quality female surgeons are few and far in between. Those in the Austin, Texas area are in luck, however. Jennifer Walden, a lauded cosmetic surgeon with decades of experience, is not only a charismatic, compassionate woman but one of the most experienced surgeons in the country.

Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic breast augmentation and face lifts. Being a woman, Walden has a unique insight into the insecurities and fears of potential clients. That paired with her exceptional charisma makes working Walden a comforting and warm experience: a stark contrast to her competitors. This fact is further reinforced by the many different accolades Walden has accrued in her years in the industry. Board certified and the recipient of several prestigious awards, Walden is truly in a league of her own. The salutatorian of her class, there was seemingly never a period in which Walden wasn’t dominating the industry and learn more about Jennifer.

Jennifer Walden is one of the absolute best choices a potential cosmetic surgery recipient could make. With decades of experience under her belt, the quality and safety of the operation need not be questioned. Better yet, Walden will be able to approach your unique surgery with expertise and compassion, making what most would think a stressful period and time completely carefree. Having operated in Austin for nearly five years, her operation is established and robust. Jennifer Walden is a stress-free, quality selection in a field where the competition is often just the opposite and more information click here.

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Why Lifeline Screening is So Important to an Individual’s Well-Being

We live in an age when modern medicine can work wonders when it comes to handling emergencies and sudden medical problems. However, as long as things seem to be heading in the right direction, we seem to have an aversion to seeing a doctor for regular checkups and read full article.

The problem could have something to do with the cost of services, and everyone is always short of time. Lifeline Screening services offer convenient and cost-effective testing that can detect major problems many times before they become too serious. Locations for testing are usually available at public venues and employee workplaces.

Ultrasound testing is similar to the procedure that pregnant mothers have done to determine whether they are going to have a boy or a girl. Sound waves are directed to the parts of the body where the organs are located that are being tested, and the live function is observed on a screen.

Ultrasound is very useful for observing the blood flow in the arteries and whether or not there is any blockage. The Carotid arteries in the neck, the abdominal arteries, and the ankle-brachial arteries are observed and learn more about Life Line Screening.

The Limited Electrocardiograph is very useful in the measurement of the heart rate of a person. If the test detects an irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation, it can be a very dangerous situation. A-Fib, as it is called can cause blood clots which can easily cause a stroke.

Finger-Stick blood tests measure from a tiny drop of blood from a pinprick on the end of a person’s finger. From this tiny drop of blood an entire lipid blood panel is derived which measures the levels of cholesterol in the blood, both the high and low cholesterol levels. The levels of glucose or blood sugar are also measured, determining if the patient has diabetes. The liver enzyme levels are also observed in this test.

All of the results of the Lifeline Screening testing is then forwarded to the patient’s doctor so that any further treatment or advice can be given.

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Important Life Line Screening Services to Try

According to research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 40% of deaths in America are preventable. This is possible if people invested in preventative  for health measures, rather than diagnosis sessions.

Since 1993, Lifeline Screening has kept thousands of Americans healthy through early screening. Unlike ordinary diagnosis sessions, Lifeline Screening involves detecting unrecognized health issues. The company has headquarters in Oak Tree, OH. They also host community-based events in neighborhoods and social centers.

The company has modern advanced technological equipment and staff to perform the screening. They have about 486 certified medical professionals with licenses from the Medical Board.

Life screening aims at decreasing health risks among their clients. With the preventive and wellness approach, their plans supplement regular healthcare. They offer three primary screening services. Ultrasound, finger-stick and limited electrocardiograph.

Sonography- the advanced name for ultrasound screenings-involves sending of high frequency sounds to monitor the state of body organs. This technique does not involve pain surgery, and it is efficient for monitoring the state of a heart or fetus. It also works for artery, bone and abdominal screening.

Finger-stick blood testing tells whether a patient risks heart defects or diabetes. The technique helps find out the cholesterol, glucose and liver enzyme levels.

EKG or ECG is a test that monitors the activities of the heart. Electrocardiogram (EKG) reports the movements of the heart in the form of electrical oscillations. This helps find out the pressure, strength or obstructions in the heart. Early medication could prevent stroke or other heart-related conditions.

Lifeline screening services are necessary because they help in the prevention and management of carcinoma. Screening helps identify cancerous tumors before they spread. If treated in its early stages, cancer is curable.

With screening, you could also boost your testosterone. Testosterone is the sex hormone responsible for male traits. It is the fertility hormone for men. Screening shows the level of the hormone in the blood. Low levels of testosterone could cause erectile dysfunction or thin bones. If ovaries produce too much testosterone, women could suffer acne, irregular periods or grow beards.

In brief, a healthy life has never been more possible. Lifeline Screening services are not only the future of medication but also a perfect way to improve life expectancy. Unlike traditional treatment that relies on diagnosis, Lifeline Screening seeks to prevent diseases before they start showing symptoms.


One Planet Awards Honors Troy McQuagge for his Outstanding Contribution

Troy McQuagge was named Gold Winner as the CEO of the year in the latest chapter of the One Planet Awards. The awards are highly coveted and seek to reward professional and business excellence across the world both in the private and public sector. All organizations are eligible to submit their nomination requests, and there is no discrimination regarding an organization’s size or years they have been in business and original source.

Since his appointment at the helm of USHEALTH, McQuagge has set upon transforming the health insurance group. Appointed just in 2010, the current CEO led the company to unprecedented success with soaring profits and a huge customer base. The group’s market niche is highly competitive, and that might serve to explain McQuagge’s joy at being declared the recipient of the award.

In his acceptance speech, McQuagge expressed gratitude for being honored with the prestigious awards. The CEO was also in praise for the entire USHEALTH team and asserted that the feat demonstrates his group’s focus to providing innovative solutions to the healthcare affordability problem, therefore, growing customers’ healthcare needs.

About One Planet Awards

One Planet Awards are dedicated in their quest to reward organizations for their professional and business excellence. The awards are divided into categories that honor not only entire companies but also individual departments and services within the firms that have been ahead of their peers.

About USHEALTH Group Inc.

USHEALTH Group Inc is a health insurance group based in Fort Worth Texas that has a commitment to providing coverage to self-employed persons and small and middle enterprise investors. The group has the aspiration of combining the talents of its employees and agents to provide affordable insurance covers that will also rival what their competitors offer while still offering customers an exceptional experience in all aspects.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge has had a long-running career in the insurance industry. Most of his notable contributions in the industry have however been in the Captive Insurance sector where he has demonstrated exemplary leadership of groups that have produced quality products. Troy McQuagge is a graduate of Central Florida University from which he holds a B.A degree and has previously worked with other top insurance firms before joining USHEALTH Group Inc.

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InnovaCare Health – The Leading Provider of Medicare Advantage Plus

Overview – What is Medicare Advantage Plus?

In the United States, Medicare Advantage Plus is increasingly becoming a popular choice for individuals seeking extended medical benefits. In simple terms. Medicare Advantage Plus is a health insurance program, which offers value-added services to the original Medicare Plan A and Medicare Plan B. As such, the original Medicare Plan A and Medicare Plan B are administered by the government. In contrast, Medicare Advantage Plus is overseen by different private health insurance providers who contract with the U.S. government to offer Medicare Advantage Plus. Sometimes, Medicare Advantage Plus is also known as Medicare Plan C.

As suggested, the major difference between Medicare Advantage Plus and the Original Medicare Plan A and Plan B are the value-added services of Plan C, Medicare Advantage Plus. Actually, the original Medicare Plan A provides in-patient hospital, hospice and skilled nursing services according to Penelope Kokkinides. On the other hand, Medicare Plan B covers out-patient fees that may include hospital services such as ER, laboratory, X-rays and diagnostic tests. In addition, the Plan B also includes services of surgeons and physicians.

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However, the Plan C, Medicare Advantage Plus is designed to cover most services that are provided by either the Plan A or Plan B. Apart from these services, the Medicare Advantage Plus also covers certain other medical services such as regular dental and visions checkups.In the recent years, the government has also allowed private healthcare providers to integrate Medicare Plan D. As Plan D mostly covered prescription drug benefits, patients can also get such services from Medicare Advantage Plus program for Rick Shinto. In a nutshell, it will not be an overstatement to suggest that Medicare Advantage Plus tries to cover most of the services offered by Plan A, B and D. In addition, it also offers certain physician practice services.

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Daniel E. Straus, CEO & Chairman of CareOne, InnovaCare Health


InnovaCare Health – Provider of Medicare Advantage Plus

One of the most well-known providers of Medicare Advantage Plus is New Jersey based InnovaCare Health. Since its inception, the company is known for offering diverse and high-quality medical care. In Puerto Rico, the company has the largest medical setup of its kind.

Despite the immense growth of the organization, InnovaCare Health puts people first. As a result, it has created models that are sustainable, cost-effective and fully integrated with advanced technologies. In fact, its programs such as MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. are granted the honor of achieving four-star by CMS.

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