Elysium Health’s Background and the Company’s Supplement Basis

Elysium Health is a health company co-founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, who serves as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. The company collaborates with world-class scientists and clinicians from prestigious academic institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.  These scientists guide the direction of the company and its research.

Based on 25 years of aging research, Elysium Health sells a supplement called Basis. The supplement is proven to increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our cells. This coenzyme plays a major role in many of our cellular functions such as DNA maintenance  and circadian rhythms. Our levels of NAD+ decline naturally as we age, and those functions break down.

Basis is a vegan, vegetarian, and gluten- and nut-free supplement. That allows you to stick to your diet and avoid any related food allergies.

In 2016, Elysium Health put Basis through a clinical trial. The results of the study, which were published in the online peer-reviewed science journal npj: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease, demonstrated that Basis increased and sustained NAD+ levels in humans taking the recommended daily dose by an average of 40 percent.

To include Basis in your daily routine, purchase it on Elysium Health’s website. The company sells Basis in a variety of monthly subscriptions. An individual jar of Basis costs $60. But monthly subscriptions to the supplement bring that cost down to between $40 and $50, depending on the length of the subscription.

Elysium Health recently began to offer a new way to buy Basis as well. The supplement is now available in stores, at the tech retailer b8ta. Check out one of nine b8ta locations across the country and pick up an extra jar or two of Basis while discovering other unique products.

To learn more about Elysium Health, the company’s team of scientists, and the science behind Basis visit Elysium’s website.


Dr. David Samadi and His Work in Robotic Surgery

As a world-famous Urologist and the Head of Robotic Surgery at New York’s Lennox Hill Hospital, Dr. David Samadi has been a part of treatments to help cure prostate cancer. His passion to work in the medical field to help cure cancer began years ago. It was a world-wide adventure that led him to where he is today.

He studied biochemistry at Stony Brook University, where he graduated with his M.D. in 1994. He completed his robotic prostatectomy fellowship in proctology at Henri Hospital Retail in France. He has been responsible for performing operations in over 45 countries that led to his medical expertise. That led to his working with some of the most prestigious institutions in the United States. He is a member of the American Urological Association and several other prestigious groups for those working in his profession with such accolades.

A little-known fact for many of Dr. David Samadi is that his focus for his practice is to help with the education of patients to prevent cancer from beginning. This type of preventive medicine is a much-needed aspect of the medical profession today. If prevention is not possible, then treatment is the next step. This goal of medical education led him to create a web presence. His site SamaniMD.com was created to prevent the confusion of the patients who came in often completely miseducated from the misinformation on Google today.

Between the years of 2011 to 2016, Dr. David Samadi ran a medical advice television show for Fox News. He added radio to his list of experiences by 2015 in an effort to continue his public education work in medicine. In those sessions, he explains what he does to help the patients and the end results of the procedures. Many of which have a claim to fame regarding men’s overall prostate health and fertility.

His day begins early each day. At 4:30 AM he gets up and starts his work day by 6 AM. His operations are scheduled approximately three times a week. Reporting that he has a photographic memory which helps his work immensely. The robotic assistance is the key to the magic in his surgeries. They provide a precision that cannot be matched by any other method of surgery.

His focus is the quality of life for his patients. When the surgeries are complete, his goal is to not only prevent and save the lives of the patients but to do so in a way that allows them the chance to live better afterward. To learn more about us: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_B._Samadi click here.

The focus on quality with a detail for perfection, his work is one that strictly adheres to a daily schedule to maintain this progress. It is one that has severed him well in Dr. David Samadi’s robotic surgeries and his career as well.

Jennifer Walden is Austin’s Finest Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is a field dominated by male surgeons. This often presents a problem- most clients are female, and cosmetic surgeon is typically an intensely personal process. Client’s are often forced to share extremely embarrassing personal information with a cold, unsympathetic surgeon who can’t possibly relate by virtue of their gender. Unfortunately, quality female surgeons are few and far in between. Those in the Austin, Texas area are in luck, however. Jennifer Walden, a lauded cosmetic surgeon with decades of experience, is not only a charismatic, compassionate woman but one of the most experienced surgeons in the country.

Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic breast augmentation and face lifts. Being a woman, Walden has a unique insight into the insecurities and fears of potential clients. That paired with her exceptional charisma makes working Walden a comforting and warm experience: a stark contrast to her competitors. This fact is further reinforced by the many different accolades Walden has accrued in her years in the industry. Board certified and the recipient of several prestigious awards, Walden is truly in a league of her own. The salutatorian of her class, there was seemingly never a period in which Walden wasn’t dominating the industry and learn more about Jennifer.

Jennifer Walden is one of the absolute best choices a potential cosmetic surgery recipient could make. With decades of experience under her belt, the quality and safety of the operation need not be questioned. Better yet, Walden will be able to approach your unique surgery with expertise and compassion, making what most would think a stressful period and time completely carefree. Having operated in Austin for nearly five years, her operation is established and robust. Jennifer Walden is a stress-free, quality selection in a field where the competition is often just the opposite and more information click here.

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Why Lifeline Screening is So Important to an Individual’s Well-Being

We live in an age when modern medicine can work wonders when it comes to handling emergencies and sudden medical problems. However, as long as things seem to be heading in the right direction, we seem to have an aversion to seeing a doctor for regular checkups and read full article.

The problem could have something to do with the cost of services, and everyone is always short of time. Lifeline Screening services offer convenient and cost-effective testing that can detect major problems many times before they become too serious. Locations for testing are usually available at public venues and employee workplaces.

Ultrasound testing is similar to the procedure that pregnant mothers have done to determine whether they are going to have a boy or a girl. Sound waves are directed to the parts of the body where the organs are located that are being tested, and the live function is observed on a screen.

Ultrasound is very useful for observing the blood flow in the arteries and whether or not there is any blockage. The Carotid arteries in the neck, the abdominal arteries, and the ankle-brachial arteries are observed and learn more about Life Line Screening.

The Limited Electrocardiograph is very useful in the measurement of the heart rate of a person. If the test detects an irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation, it can be a very dangerous situation. A-Fib, as it is called can cause blood clots which can easily cause a stroke.

Finger-Stick blood tests measure from a tiny drop of blood from a pinprick on the end of a person’s finger. From this tiny drop of blood an entire lipid blood panel is derived which measures the levels of cholesterol in the blood, both the high and low cholesterol levels. The levels of glucose or blood sugar are also measured, determining if the patient has diabetes. The liver enzyme levels are also observed in this test.

All of the results of the Lifeline Screening testing is then forwarded to the patient’s doctor so that any further treatment or advice can be given.

More Visit: http://www.lifelinescreening.com/Global/Employee-Access

Important Life Line Screening Services to Try

According to research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 40% of deaths in America are preventable. This is possible if people invested in preventative  for health measures, rather than diagnosis sessions.

Since 1993, Lifeline Screening has kept thousands of Americans healthy through early screening. Unlike ordinary diagnosis sessions, Lifeline Screening involves detecting unrecognized health issues. The company has headquarters in Oak Tree, OH. They also host community-based events in neighborhoods and social centers.

The company has modern advanced technological equipment and staff to perform the screening. They have about 486 certified medical professionals with licenses from the Medical Board.

Life screening aims at decreasing health risks among their clients. With the preventive and wellness approach, their plans supplement regular healthcare. They offer three primary screening services. Ultrasound, finger-stick and limited electrocardiograph.

Sonography- the advanced name for ultrasound screenings-involves sending of high frequency sounds to monitor the state of body organs. This technique does not involve pain surgery, and it is efficient for monitoring the state of a heart or fetus. It also works for artery, bone and abdominal screening.

Finger-stick blood testing tells whether a patient risks heart defects or diabetes. The technique helps find out the cholesterol, glucose and liver enzyme levels.

EKG or ECG is a test that monitors the activities of the heart. Electrocardiogram (EKG) reports the movements of the heart in the form of electrical oscillations. This helps find out the pressure, strength or obstructions in the heart. Early medication could prevent stroke or other heart-related conditions.

Lifeline screening services are necessary because they help in the prevention and management of carcinoma. Screening helps identify cancerous tumors before they spread. If treated in its early stages, cancer is curable.

With screening, you could also boost your testosterone. Testosterone is the sex hormone responsible for male traits. It is the fertility hormone for men. Screening shows the level of the hormone in the blood. Low levels of testosterone could cause erectile dysfunction or thin bones. If ovaries produce too much testosterone, women could suffer acne, irregular periods or grow beards.

In brief, a healthy life has never been more possible. Lifeline Screening services are not only the future of medication but also a perfect way to improve life expectancy. Unlike traditional treatment that relies on diagnosis, Lifeline Screening seeks to prevent diseases before they start showing symptoms.