Equities First Holdings LLC is a company that is known for it’s Innovative financing. The company gives customers the ability to get the financing they need to accomplish their personal and professional goals. Equities has being in business since the year 2002. It was established by a financial genius called Al Chistie. The company secures the loans they offer with the customer’s stocks and shares. Equities provides these customers loans that are easy to qualify for and gives them low interest rates to make repayments easier for them.

Equities First Holdings LLC. has offices in several different countries, some of the countries are the United States, The United Kingdom, Thailand, China and Australia.

The Australian subsidiary has been recorded to make huge progress. In 2016, the company initiated a 30 Million Dollars transaction with a company called Environmental Clean Technologies Limited, an Australian based company. The loan is for development and research in India.

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Peter Briger and Randal Nardone Lead Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is the Principal and Co Chairman of the Board of Directors of the financial services firm Fortress Investment Group based in San Francisco, California. Over the course of his career, Peter has been able to establish a reputation as one of the most capable leaders in the industry. Briger brings many years of experience to the industry in order to help Fortress Investment Group develop into a top financial services firm. Before becoming the President and Co Chairman of Fortress Investment Group, Peter worked at Goldman Sachs for many years and served as a partner since 1996.

While working at Goldman Sachs, Peter was involved with a number of committees. These included the Asian Management Committee, the Global Control and Compliance Committee and the Japan Executive Committee. These entities enabled Peter to provide his assistance and expertise in helping Goldman Sachs prosper in the Asian markets. As well as being a part of these valuable committees, Briger would also occupy a number of key roles in leadership. He would serve as the co head of the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business, the Special Opportunities Fund, Asian Distressed Debt business and the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group. Along with these groups, Peter would also serve as part of the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business as well.

After working at Goldman Sachs for a number of years, Peter would move on to pursue other opportunities in the industry. He would join the Fortress Investment Group and become the Principal and Co Chairman of the Board of Directors. Once he joined this firm, he would begin serving on the Management Committee beginning in the year 2002. Peter created and currently oversees the firm’s credit business. This particular department of the firm consists of 300 individuals and focuses on assets that are undervalued and distressed as well as illiquid credit investments.

As well as being a part of Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has held a seat on the Board of Directors of the Investment Company at Princeton University. He has also been in charge of the Central Park Conservancy as well. In terms of his educational background, Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. This educational background proved to allow Peter to gain the necessary knowledge to advance in his career in the financial services industry.

Today, Peter Briger continues to manage and oversee Fortress Investment Group. He currently works at the firm’s San Francisco office where he has been able to help expand the firm. His experience and knowledge have helped the firm expand its services as well as meet the needs of its many clients. By holding a number of top managerial positions, Peter has also been able to exhibit his leadership skills as well. Under the leadership of Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group has had the opportunity to grow and establish itself as one of the leading financial services firms in the United States.

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Equities First – How Great Recession Influenced Borrowers into Seeking Alternative Lending Services

During the house bubble period that led to financial crisis, proof of assets and income were de-emphasized and loans shifted from being fully documented to low documentation then to no documentation. Some effects of the subprime mortgage entailed people having no jobs, no income, and no verification of mortgage required. The loans were informally referred as “liar loans” as they motivated borrowers to become less honest during their loan application processes.The US housing bubble final years saw that took place in 2006 to 2007 witnessed collapsing of mortgage underwriting standards. There is enough proof that the GSEs due to their market power and big size contributed much in policing underwriting by originators which forced underwriters into repurchasing defective loans.

On the other hand, private securitizers remained less effective and aggressive in recovering originators’ losses on behalf of investors. The period likewise witnessed predatory lending where unscrupulous lenders enticed borrowers into engaging with unsound and unsafe loans for unsuitable purposes. Today the menace has affected banks and lending institutions whereby the institutions have tightened their loaning rules and terms by even increasing their interests’ rates. Borrowers have found it easier to seek financial help from other modern kinds of lending and Equities First is one of the companies that have been offering associated services to potential borrowers. With 15 years of giving stock-based loans, Equities First is keen in providing the best services to borrowers in need of alternative lending services.

During recession, a classic bait-and-switch technique was applied by Countrywide Financial, marketing low interest rates for buys interested in home refinancing. The loans were protected by detailed contracts and also swapped by expensive loan products during the closing day. Advertisements stated that 1% or 1.5% of interest rates would be charged, but consumers would be put into ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) where the interests charged would be much higher than that in mortgage systems, hence creating negative amortization. With wide years of experience and good reputation, Equities First still spearheads in providing clients with stock loans which are affordable and easier to apply.

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Close Up of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the architect of Ascendant capital LLC. It is a Texas based company that offers educational, sales and operational services, marketing and an innovative approach towards financial structuring. The company works with various established and emerging alternative asset fund sponsors providing them with funds. Ascendant capital provides public and private services to broker-dealers, private banks, family offices and registered investment advisors around the world.

Over the last five years, Jeffry Schneider has led the growth of Ascendant capital from a workforce of only two employees to more than thirty and also led his team to raising funds in total of nearly $1 billion for several managers. Jeffry and his team are geared towards the continued growth of the company with an aim of raising on a monthly basis, about $50 million during this year. The capital gained is used to purchase tech companies, real estate, auto dealerships and many more investments.

Jeffry Schneider holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He worked in several companies before establishing Ascendant capital. These are Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom capital management. He also spent some of his time at Alex Brown, Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch.

He is a man who believes in helping others and has involved himself in several charitable organizations which include Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries and God Loves We Deliver. Jeffry is also a man who has traveled widely across Asia, Europe and other many places. He has participated in several marathons and half marathons as he enjoys healthy living and keeping fit.