Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Agencies Arrest Criminals and Curb Rate

Securus Technologies uses one of the most advanced technologies available in the market today to offer a broad range of inmate communication services. The company also provides investigative products and services that are far more advanced than what is already available on the market. The primary aim of the enterprise is to ensure that the crime rate in the community it serves is reduced and the inmates have the chance to stay in contact with their loved ones without spending a fortune. Most other companies in the correctional industry charge a lot when it comes to inmate communications, but Securus Technologies is not only charging less but trying meticulously to find new ways to decrease the prices further while increasing the communication opportunities.


Securus Technologies is also making waves of progress in the law enforcement and crime prevention sector. The company has many different products and services for the law enforcement agencies that help them catch the culprit quickly along with the evidence necessary to convict them in the court of justice. Securus Technologies has nearly thirty years of experience in the correctional industry and has developed many cutting-edge products and services for the inmate communications as well as criminal justice sector. The company also provides parolee tracking system that helps in keeping a close watch on the convicted people who are out on parole.


Securus Technologies believes in maintaining transparency with the public, and it is for this reason, the company recently published an online press release. In the press release, Securus Technologies announced the excerpts from the hundreds of letters written to the enterprise to provide positive feedback on the investigative technology it provides. The law enforcement officers who have written to the company believes that such technology is playing a significant role in today’s date to curb the crime rate.

Enhance Your Child’s Education By Using ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a state-of-the-art communication app that creates a communication platform between parents, teachers, and students. Thanks to ClassDojo, the involved parties can share videos, messages, and photos while still in school. The sharing platform of this app makes it easy for students to initiate big ideas and turn them into reality.

The ClassDojo app is divided into four different categories namely Messages, Original Content: Big Ideas, Classroom, and Stories. The following is a breakdown of the categories and their functions.


The Classroom section brings together the students and the teachers into a platform that allows them to choose their skills, values, teamwork, and creativity. What this means is that both the teachers and the students can build a classroom culture that allows them to exchange ideas seamlessly.


Under this section, students can upload pictures and videos of their day in school. The Story section is divided into School Story, Class Story, and Students Stories. The Student Stories allows the students to create their own stories of what they have learned in a timeline. The School Story, on the other hand, allows the school leaders to share information with the families who are connected to the school. Finally, the Class Story makes it easy for the teachers to share what the students learned at school with the parents.


With the Messages platform, parents, school leaders, and teachers can share messages between themselves and discuss a thing or two about the day’s classwork. The messages sent can be translated into 35 different languages. Apart from this, the app has a “Quiet” mode that lets parents know if a teacher is available or not.

Original Content: Big Ideas

Under this section, the teachers and the parents have access to content that allows them to grow mentally. With the information gathered, the involved parties can then share the information with the students hence enabling them to grow mentally as well.

ClassDojo is actively being used by over 90% of K-8 schools in over 180 countries. Apart from this, the app is translated into over 35 languages and features a team that has an educational background.