Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund Work to Create a Generation of Community Leaders

Andrew Rolfe is an extremely successful management executive that has worked in numerous positions in retail and other industries for companies around the world. The Oxford University and Harvard Business School graduate has turned his attention recently from his prosperous career towards more philanthropic goals. Rolfe is currently serving as the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund, a non-profit location in South Africa.

The Ubuntu Fund is a foundation that provides funding to schools and educational programs across South Africa to benefit orphaned and at-risk children that would have few if any, opportunities without their assistance. The organization is based in Zwide, Port Elizabeth and was established in 1999 by Jacob Lief and Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula. Despite initially choosing to provide children with the basic supplies they needed to study, it became quickly obvious that much more was needed.

The non-profit now spends much of its time and its donations helping to improve the core problems of communities that make life a struggle for children. This includes using funds to help improve community health, feed populations and provide more stable home lives for the children.

Andrew Rolfe uses his role as the chairman to encourage free giving from the donors interested in helping out this organization. This means providing the charitable group with funding without requiring too many restrictions. This allows the organization to have the money when and where it is needed because the needs of these communities can change daily.

The mission of Andrew Rolfe, the others who work with the organization and the non-profit’s motto itself is to give children everything they need. For the Ubuntu Education Fund, this means giving them everything. They receive support and nurturing supervision from the moment they begin their primary education throughout college and until they reach the point of financial independence. Over 400,000 people in the community benefit from the hard work of the caring individuals that give their money and their time to Ubuntu to help the most vulnerable become the future leaders their community needs.