Banco Bradesco’s CEO To Be Appointed From The Bank’s Pool Of Talent

Lazaro de Mello Brandao, former chairman of the board of directors of Banco Bradesco SA, resigned on October 11, 2017. Brandao, 91, deserved a break after serving at the bank for 74 years. Although Brandao began his career at the Osasco based Bradesco as a clerk in 1943, he never stopped rising through various ranks at the bank. His big break came in 1981 when Bradesco named him the second CEO of the bank, replacing Amado Aguiar. 10 years later, the bank management settled on Brandao to chair the bank’s board, once again taking over from Aguiar who was also the founder of the bank. Between 1991 and 1999, Brandao was both the chairman and the CEO of Bradesco. While he stepped down as CEO for Marcio Cypriano in 1999, he continued serving as chairman until his recent resignation.

Brandao’s resignation meant that the bank ought to move swiftly and appoint his successor. However, it appears as if Bradesco had foreseen Brandao’s stepping down as Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the CEO of Bradesco, was immediately named the new chairman of the bank. Until his tenure as CEO elapses in March, Trabuco is doubling up as the chairman and CEO of the financial institution.

Although appointing a Brandao’s successor was a walk in the park for Bradesco. The bank has remained mum regarding the appointment of a new CEO. The bank is known to choose CEOs from its high ranking executives and speculations are rife that seven executives are presently under consideration. They include

• André Rodrigues Cano
• Octavio de Lazari
• Marcelo de Araujo Noronha
• Josué Augusto Pancini
• Domingos Figueiredo Abreu
• Alexandre da Silva Gluher
• Mauricio Machado de Minas
Whoever the bank will settle on must embody Bradesco’s DNA seen in other CEOs. The bank will not consider professionals in competing or related institutions.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the fourth CEO of Bradesco in 2009, succeeding Marcio Cypriano. At the time of assuming office, the world economy, Brazil’s economy included, was experiencing a downturn whose effects were felt at the bank. Also, Bradesco was experiencing a unique challenge as the merger between Itaú and Unibanco had created the formidable Itaú Unibanco threatening Bradesco’s control of the Brazilian banking sector. However, Trabuco was not cowed. He initiated projects aimed at making Bradesco triumph over Itaú Unibanco. Some of the projects include the creation of Unibrad corporate University to foster professionalism and quality service delivery among Bradesco’s employees according to GlobalCCU Awards recently named Unibrad the “Best Corporate University in the World.”

A more direct swing at Itaú Unibanco occurred in 2015 when Trabuco and Brandao settled on acquiring the retail unit of HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion. With the acquisition, Bradesco ranked better than Itaú Unibanco in the number of branch network, number of account holders, and total investment funds. Although Itaú Unibanco remained the market leader in assets, deposits, and loans granted, Bradesco is closely trailing it. As the chairman of the bank, wielding more power and influence, Trabuco is likely to initiate projects or acquisitions that will propel the bank to the helm of Brazil’s financial sector.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Trabuco is not an accountant, an engineer, or a financial analyst. The 66-year-old executive studied philosophy at Sao Paulo State University. He later pursued socio-psychology at Fundação School of Sociology and Politics. During his 48-year-career at Bradesco, Trabuco has been recognized by various institutions and publications. In 2016, Trabuco was among the Forbes Magazine’s “Best CEOs in Brazil.” Isto É Dinheiro Magazine had named him the “Entrepreneur of the Year,” in the finance category a year earlier. Trabuco won the Don Quixote Trophy in 2009 among other awards.

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Susan McGalla Still Blazing Trails For Women

Susan McGalla has made great strides when it comes to women breaking the glass ceiling. She is considered a trailblazer, and she is actually one of the youngest women to be hired as a CEO to a Fortune 500 company. While there are still a number of women struggling to make it inside the boardroom, McGalla navigated her path with a great deal of confidence and ease.

Born in a family with two brothers and a coach father, Mcgalla was taught at an early age the importance of working hard and never allowing her gender to keep her from succeeding. McGalla says the rules she learned growing up is what the carried on into her work life, and it has brought her incredible success.

McGalla, a native of Pittsburgh, graduated from Mount Union College with a degree in marketing. Upon graduation, she immediately went to work for Joseph Horne Company. She worked in a variety of marketing and managerial positions. After a few years, she moved on to American Eagle Outfitters.

During this time, Mcgalla says she very few women in executive positions. She worked her way up through the ranks and was finally installed as Company CEO. McGalla credits her position to a lot of hard work, determination and smarts. She says women have to be fearless and demand respect. “No one is going to give you anything,” according to McGalla.

After years at American Eagle Outfitters, she moved on to Wet Seal. This is when she decided that she was ready to strike out on her own and build her own business.

In 2011, she created P3 Executive Consulting. Her company advises and mentors smaller companies and provides them with the tools needed for success. She also works for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization as its director of marketing.

McGalla says while she is still a bit frustrated that women are not receiving CEO positions at a faster rate, things are changing for the better.

OSI Industries Exceeds Food Processing

Sheldon Lavin, OSI Industries CEO, is working hard to lead his corporation in the right direct by committing to a stabilized food processing network. Unfortunately, their competitors were not prepared to answer to a food processing network with full public disclosure. Lavin says, OSI wants their customers to know where their food comes from and what’s in it. He offers full details on their website and their customers trust the OSI name for this very reason. Today, they lead one of the largest industries in the North East with a strong international presence including 20 years of business in China.

What’s New With OSI

OSI Industries is porous to announce they will be expanding their international line with a partnership in Europe. The deal is worth an estimated $7 million dollars and will be a success for all parties involved. They were able to work alongside the Flagship Europe to bring their customers products with the industries top ingredients. They will process their condiments, frozen poultry, and pie fillings. They would like the success of this deal to represent that of their United States and Asia network.

You can get the top hot dogs, poultry, pie filling, condiments, meat patties, and organic vegetables. You can trust your diet when your being fed from OSI industries. They also want their business partner to know they give back to the same communities they serve. For example, they acquired a Chicago Tyson plant and were able to save thousands of jobs for current workers. They will continue to process their food products with a portion of their products. Lavin is also a strong supporter of the local American Boys Scouts. He is impressed with the direction of OSI continues to be a executive leader in their daily operations.

OSI Industries is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. They would like to invite their customers of a tour of the headquarters with a schedule request. This makes a great field trip for information on the food industry by networking with OSI. Visit their website to learn more about details on expansion efforts, food contents, executive team and more.

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How Logan Stout and IDLife Are Restructuring the Health and Wellness Industry

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 70 percent and 65 percent of men and women in the United States respectively are either obese or overweight. Although the issue of overweight has never been observed conscientiously, it poses many health risks. Obesity and overweight have adverse effects on relationships, daily routine, and jobs. It also increases chances of developing diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and other lifestyle disorders.

The increasing weight-related disorders have promoted the health and wellness industry to become a multi-billion dollar industry. Due to the high demand for products, many unscrupulous dealers have joined the industry. As a result, many clients end up disappointed after using some of these health and wellness products. Amid the increase in devious dealers, IDLife has developed has unique and trustworthy nutritional supplements that have yielded positive health results.

About IDLife

IDLife is a health and wellness company that produces personalized nutritional supplements. The company has seen rapid growth over the last few years, a factor that has been attributed to their philosophy that, “no two people are the same.” IDLife appreciates that everybody has a unique genetic makeup and thus a product that benefits client A might not meet the needs of client B. after realizing that all the products in the market have a common approach, IDLife committed itself to developing customized products.

Why is IDLife Unique

Health issues have remained a great problem despite having millions of health and fitness products available in the market. IDLife products stand out in four major ways. Take a look.

1. A New Dimension in Nutritional Supplements

IDLife is in the process of developing targeted nutritional supplements for its clients. This will be a groundbreaking innovation and will make the company stand out from the others, which offer general supplements.

2. Strong team and investors

IDLife collaborates with experienced professionals and investors with a great passion for helping others as opposed to making profits.

3. High-Quality Ingredients

IDLife utilizes the best ingredients in making their supplements, and thus they are healthier.

4. Research-Driven Products

IDLife nutrition supplements are developed from data sourced from peer-reviewed medical journals and clinical experiments.

Who is Logan Stout?

Logan Stout is a well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist, businessman and keynote speaker with exceptional leadership skills. Recently, he diverted his investment towards health and wellness, and he launched IDLife in 2014. The experienced investor holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Panola College and a psychology degree from the University of Dallas. Under his leadership, IDLife was named among the world’s100 Solid Top MLM firms.

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Sheldon Lavin: The Unknown McDonald’s Partner

McDonald’s has been one of the most popular fast food restaurants in America thanks to some of its signature sandwiches and different promotions they’ve done, but not too many people know about one of the men responsible for providing the sandwich meats. That man is Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of a top-ranked meat wholesale distributor, OSI Industries. OSI Industries has been in operation for over 100 years and Lavin has been a big part of the growth it’s experienced. OSI Industries had made sure their meats are customized exactly the way their customers demand, and the speed and efficiency of their processing is why McDonalds has remained a strong partner with them.

When Sheldon Lavin first came to OSI Industries over 40 years ago, it was a local meat company known as Otto & Sons run by the Kolschowsky family. He had been in banking and was now running an investment consulting firm when the Kolschowskys approached him with helping restructure the company finance and investing in more factories. Lavin did quite well with this, and McDonalds and the Kolschowskys even wanted him to become CEO and start taking over the company. Lavin did not wish to do so initially because he felt his career was better served in finance, but he began to think about what he could potentially do with the company if he took it global. So once the Kolschowskys retired, Lavin and David McDonald took over ownership and in 1975 changed name to OSI Industries. It’s first foreign investment was a venture into Germany in 1978, and since then it’s become operational in 17 different countries.

Sheldon Lavin says nothing matters more to him as a company leader than what the company does for its people. He’s told several business publications that he prefers to have his office door open to hear what those around him think about the company, and always is open to hear about how it could be better. Lavin has kept his passion for people alive for so long as CEO that even beyond 80 years old, he loves coming to work every day and helping others. He’s been credited with two awards in recent years, one of which is the North American Meat Institute’s Edward C. Jones award for community service, and the other is the Vision Academy’s Global Visionary award highlighting the path he took to build OSI Industries.

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Logan Stout’s Legacy: IDLife, LLC

Growing up, Logan Stout loved Baseball and sports. He had a very competitive mind, always looking for ways of getting ahead of others in sports, in the classroom or any other activity. At his high school J.J. Pearce, he served the Student Athletic Council.

Logan was a bright young man with a mind destined for success. He became a professional baseball athlete and later earned a business degree from Panola and a physiology degree from the University of Dallas.

Logan enjoyed mentoring youngsters in baseball. He was very much satisfied when he saw people he had helped excelled. This is what motivated him to start The Dallas Patriots – one of the biggest baseball organizations in the world. The entity avails training for everyone and offers specialized private classes, baseball clinics, baseball camps and more.

Another way Logan Stout inspires others is through his book: “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams”, where he describes his journey from sports to entrepreneurship and shares his success strategies.

He also performs motivational speeches from sold-out arenas to private sports camps to people from all walks of life.His achievements have been featured in many online journals and publications and he has participated in many interviews about sports.

Mr.Stout’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit did not stop with the Dallas Patriot. Mr. Stout also started IDLife, a company whose focus is developing healthcare products that help in the well-being of the mind, body, and soul.

What sets IDLife apart from its competitors is how the company holds the client’s hand by offering a personalized assessment in order to suggest the best solutions for a particular individual. They do this by having the client fill out personal habits and comprehensive health history questionnaire and then give recommendations for nutrition supplements that are unique to their needs.

Logan Stout Today
Logan is grateful to for everyone who has walked this journey with him, from his mentors, teachers, family, and God. He is now married to his high school sweetheart with whom they are blessed with two sons. On his free time, he likes hanging out with his family. He continues to offer inspiration through social media and his weekly newsletter – Stout Advice.

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A Loyal and Hard-Working Finance Executive

Investor Warren Buffett has a lot of confidence in his investment skills. He’s just bet a cool $1 million that he can surpass a handful of hedge fund managers in the investment returns realm. He believes that he can accomplish this just by putting his money into an S&P 500 index fund that’s passively managed. The fate of this bet will come to light at some point in 2017. It seems like Buffett is going to end up being the lucky one in this situation, too. He’s totally right. Pricey and lackluster funds are plentiful. Funds that take advantage of investors are plentiful as well.


Timothy D. Armour is often referred to as just “Tim.” He works as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and chairman of Capital Group. Capital Group is a famed financial services firm that’s based in Los Angeles, California. It was established in 1931 by Jonathan Bell Lovelace and has a total of approximately 7,000 staff members. Armour isn’t only responsible for CEO and chairman duties in his career, either. This finance executive is the Capital Research and Management Company’s principal executive officer. He’s even the Capital Group Management Committee’s chairman and learn more about Timothy.

Armour is a skilled portfolio manager who has been a big presence in the enormous investment universe for well over three decades now. He’s been a part of the Capital Group team since his first day in investment, too. He’s enjoyed many different roles during his time at Capital Group. He used to be an equity investment analyst. That’s when he was in charge of American and international telecommunications services firms. When Armour initially appeared at Capital Group, he was a member of the company’s popular “The Associates Program” and Timothy lacrosse camp.

Armour is a graduate of Middlebury College in quaint Middlebury, Vermont. This is a renowned private liberal arts institution that was established back in 1800. He earned a bachelor’s degree at the school. His major was in economics. His economics background has been a significant asset in his rewarding and involved financial career. He makes the most of his economics skills and abilities on a daily basis and learn more about Timothy.

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Clay Siegall’s Reason For Founding Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall Ph. D. is the co-founder of a leading company based in Seattle called Seattle Genetics. The company is dedicated to medical research, and it is a developer of medication and other patents. The primary focus of the research that is conducted at Seattle Genetics falls in the fight against cancer.


Dr Clay Siegall finished his higher education at George Washington University. From the renowned academic institution, Dr Clay Siegall received his PH. D. in Genetics. After he had graduated from university, Clay Siegall Ph. D. worked at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for about six years. After that, he was a part of the National Cancer Institute for a few years. Over the course of s successful career, Dr Clay Siegall has been an author for almost a hundred publications that encompass a number of scientific and medical topics. He is also the owner of a drug patent that is available in seventy countries. He also owns 15 other patents.


Seattle Genetics was established as a medical research company in 1998. Clay Siegall Ph. D. serves as the President of the company as well as the chief executive officer and chairman of the board. The reason that Dr Clay Siegall had for founding Seattle Genetics lies in his teenage and young adult life. When Dr Clay Siegall was at the age of 19, his father was diagnosed with cancer. Having to watch his father suffering from the disease made strongly aware of how little doctors could do to help his father and millions of other people from all over the world. When Dr Clay Siegall was at the age of 24, his father passed away from the disease. That made Dr Clay Siegall study genetics at the George Washington University and later worked in Seattle as a researcher.


During the time he spent at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Clay Siegall Ph. D. learned how to run and handle a company. He co-founded Seattle Genetics in order to provide oncologists with the tools needed to save the life of their patients. Although the fight against cancer is a long and arduous one, scientists such a Dr Clay Siegall are not giving up.