Fortress Investment Group: Asset-based Competencies and Other Strengths

Fortress Investment Group LLC would not reach its kind of success right now without making sure that it offers consistent, reliable investment service to its clients. The diversified assets that span a global context of Fortress Investment Group are also testament to its success, but sustaining it is a challenge that the company has easily met with the help of its core competencies.

Strengths of Fortress Investment Group

The world is familiar already with how a good reliable company should operate. It should have transparency for its clients and also opportunities for constant career growth for its dedicated workforce. The employees should be guided on what to do for their active involvement in the company and should know how best to make a company sustain its lead in the market competition. The good thing about Fortress Investment Group right now is that it has the strengths to do just all of these.

It knows how to handle a large chunk of assets, about $43.6 billion to be exact, and not risk all this capital in volatile investments. Fortress also has always made sure that their reputation for reliability since it was founded in 1998 would not stagnate.

The company believes that only when you offer the services that go beyond expectations that your clients expect can you continue doing business with them. With the firm’s impeccable work record in private equity, real estate, and credit, it’s easy to understand why Fortress is still attracting big-ticket clients today. That said, it’s hard to argue that investment performance has always been the core strength of Fortress today.

Fortress’ strength also includes being asset-based. It means that its diversity in its investments is both deep and board asset types. This ensures that when one asset doesn’t fly as expected, the other alternative can still be isolated from the stagnation of the first one’s operations.

It is also still under Fortress’ expertise to offer assistance in owning, financing and pricing physical and financial assets in real estate. The diversified goal of the company regarding long-term cash flows is also a main priority. This brings a whole different level of assurance to the stakeholders who might want to keep their assets always liquid and ready to be convertible to cash.

It is said that you should never ask an investor about advice. Instead, ask for where they are putting their money and investments. In the case with Fortress, we can see that the most number of investments they do is within the distressed and undervalued assets. They’re even putting about $15.1 in it as part of their consistent strategy. The investment in this area comes from intellectual property shares, natural resources, and capital assets. It is then safe to say that there’s an aggressive streak in the strategy of Fortress Investment without forgetting to ensure themselves against hidden risks first. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

In conclusion, Fortress Investment has all the services and competencies necessary for any investor or risk-taker who needs financial guidance. Being still in business since 1998, it also shows the robustness required to gain the trust of investment beginners.

Fortress Investment Group


Entrepreneurial Lessons with Peter Briger

Business is a global affair, some people are better than the others when it comes to generating ideas, starting and running businesses. According to some scholars, some of the entrepreneurial characteristics are in born. For example the urge to succeed and to have financial freedom. Entrepreneurs are different from ordinary businessmen. Entrepreneurs are good planners while ordinary businessmen are just survivalists. The entrepreneurs are persistent and creative when it comes to implementing the business idea.

Peter Briger is one of the senior members of the management of Fortress Investment Group, he serves as a board member of the organization. The company was established decades ago. It has since gained global recognition and the performance has been increasing with time. He has displayed good leadership qualities and this has enabled him to move up the ranks in the organization. An organization must be able to manage its credit levels as it has an impact on its solvency. Peter Briger is tasked with the role of managing the company’s credit. He is also responsible for the performance of the real estate business.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger was working at Goldman, Sachs & Company. Due his organizational skills, he is appointed to serve in various forums. He is a philanthropist, he works with a non-governmental organization with the aim of helping families that live in poverty. People from some parts of the world live below the poverty line, there is the need to intervene to ensure that every human being lives a dignified life. Despite his various role, he still works on improving their livelihoods and giving them hope.

Fortress Investment Group has a management team that is highly qualified, Peter Briger is a graduate from Princeton University and also advanced his education through the University of Pennsylvania. He was able to acquire professional skills that have been instrumental in the success of Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger is persistent when it comes to business interests the company may have. He doesn’t give up when a company declines a partnership, he instead puts more effort in approaching another potential partner.

Peter Briger is an inspiration to the young particularly, he was able to build his businesses that are worth billions of dollars. He was able to come up with good business ideas that were viable and also products that were highly needed. Many young people in bot developed and developing nations easily give up on facing minor challenges that are considered normal in business.


Nick Vertucci, Pupil Becomes The Teacher

Nick Vertucci is a determined individual who took the seasons in life and utilized them to his full advantage when it came to the states and throes of the financial markets. His determination did not falter and he kept a positive attitude throughout the entire scope of his career mainly because he knew what he very well wanted out of the mortal life he lives today. He had a vision setup early on as a kid and it compounded in variable amounts over the long run because he eventually achieved exactly what it was he stuck to in life.

He kept a head strong belief in himself that was unbreakable and unstoppable no matter what life threw at him. With each endeavor he pulled off in business he implemented a plan and an even detailed version of that plan to get the synchronicities of his end result in line with his focus. Last but not least Nick Vertucci took action and he took a lot of it because the harder one works the greater the yields will be in the future.

Yes, Nick Vertucci had a lot of troubles early on when there was a newness to life, but a thorn caught his side when his father perished at the tenth yearly mark of his life. The depression and grief of his loss could have driven him down the wrong path in life, but did not solely because even at 10 years old Nick Vertucci had a vision and that vision soon became a realistic pursuit when he neared the 18th year of life.

His first embarkment was a business he built from the entire ground up and from there he used the proceeds to invest in dot com which proved to not be as lucrative as he thought it was going to be, but nonetheless he pushed himself aggressively towards his destination and defeated his doubts when he ended up successful in the realm of real estate investing. Now as a venture capitalist he guides others who wish to take on the journey he took so that they might benefit from his years upon years of understanding.

Mike Baur a Pioneer in Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory, and the owner of Think Reloaded ag located in Zurich, Switzerland. He supports startup companies that have potential and teaches aspiring business owners how to succeed. He attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern and earned his bachelor’s in banking and finance. He earned a master’s in business administration from the University of Rochester and attended the University of Bern in Switzerland where he received a master’s in executive business administration.


Before co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur worked in Swiss banking and held many executive positions. He worked for UBS Fribourg and KeyClient Group Switzerland in wealth management. He was employed by Clariden Leu and Sallfort Privatbank as the head of private banking and the deputy managing director of Swiss Startup Invest. He has over 20 years of experience in private banking and worked his way through the ranks to reach his goals. He began his career at UBS as a commercial apprentice and became a leader in the industry. He specializes in Swiss entrepreneurship and digital startups and has invested in many companies. He formed the Swiss Startup Factory to help business owners achieve success.


Since Mike Baur is an entrepreneur, he has a busy schedule and wakes up early in the morning. He manages his day by checking his email, following up with clients and meeting with his team. He develops his ideas by using a unique vision that focuses on market strategies. He is dedicated to his work and enjoys sharing his knowledge with his students. He believes in testing his products early and receiving feedback. If a product does not perform well, he will discontinue its use. When a product is successful, he will continue to develop it and promote its usage.


When Mike Baur was a child, he worked at an ice cream parlor and learned valuable lessons. He learned how to sell products and about the difficulties that come along with entrepreneurship. He evaluates his mistakes and believes that hiring the right staff has an impact on productivity. He stays organized by using Apple software and is a fan of virtual and artificial intelligence. He uses the ASANA software to coordinate his administrative tasks and monitor his progress.


Mike Baur is not just a business innovator, he values family and reads motivational books to keep him motivated.


Adam Milstein Offers 8 Gifts

The heroic story of the Maccabees serves at the motivation behind Adam Milstein’s most recent article in HuffPost. The article, “Pride and Courage: Gifts for Our Children in 2018,” revisits the acts of courage, bravery, and determination of the Maccabees to protect Jewish identity and land. This combination of traits resulted in the defeat of the Greeks despite having fewer numbers and inferior weapons.

The homeland of the Jewish people, known as the Land of Israel, was formed as result of their perseverance.

Adam Milstein, an author of the Times of Israel, who emphasized that these traits are just as relevant in modern times as they were in ancient times. And, he wrote it was important these ideals should be revisited during the holiday season when this article was written in late December.

He put together eight gifts that each Jewish family should have in 2018 that should inspire self-identity. He continued that there is strength in knowing where you are and where you are from.

These gifts, which includes viewpoints connecting the Maccabee’s positive to modern times, are:

– Pride

– Courage

– Persistence

– Knowledge

– Innovation

– Belief in the Impossible

– Brotherhood

– Passion

Adam Milstein wrote, for example, that courage was important in giving Jews the “courage and conviction” to support the Jewish state and speak out against those who pose a threat.

He also wrote that inspiring characteristics displayed by the Maccabees are a means of enriching the Jewish lives of the younger generation. This, he writes, will solidify the days to come and allow this generation to author a new history for the Jewish people based on stories from the past.

Adam Milstein is chairman of the Israeli-American Council, philanthropist, real estate entrepreneur and president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

JHSF Leads the Brazilian Real Estate Industry under the Leadership of José Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a well-known Brazilian real estate company. Two brothers Jose Robert and Fabio set up the company in 1972. Through determination and hard work of the employees and partners, JHSF has grown to become a leader in the competitive Brazilian real estate industry. The company is well-known for its modern and innovative real estate solutions. JHSF was the first company to build a green building in Brazil. In 2011, JHSF built a luxurious residential building and called it Vitra. The building has green features and is environmentally friendly. JHSF is respected for accepting new challenges and finding new real estate opportunities.

About José Auriemo Neto

The real estate company could not have realized all its successes were it not for José Auriemo Neto, the current Chief Executive Chairman. Mr. Neto has been the company’s CEO since 2003. Thanks to José Auriemo Neto’s experience and insights, the company continues to be a leading real estate provider in the country and beyond. During his tenure, JHSF has added numerous luxury hotels to its portfolio. Moreover, the company has overseen many projects, including shopping malls in Manaus and Salvador. Presently, the demand for modern malls in Brazil is on the rise and the company has taken part in the development of advanced malls in Sao Paulo.

JHSF ventured into the hotel business in 2014. Its first project was Hotel Fasano. Afterwards, the company purchased many other restaurants and hotels in the country. The company is slowly working on expanding into other markets including Miami and New York. In 2016, JHSF sold its dead assets allowing it to raise approximately $461 million. It intends to expand its business further with the money. Its estimated total market value is $3.7 billion. José Auriemo Neto studied at a top Brazilian university known as Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University.

Technology and Futurist Guru- Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is also an investor located in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a great passion for technology and he also has a passion in giving back to the society.

Jason Hope has greatly grown in his business and technology career. He explains that it is not easy getting into business, especially with inadequate capital. Young minds have great ideas, the best as Jason puts it, but lack funds to hit the ground running. Jason has helped young entrepreneurs through sharing his ideas, and nurturing the young upcoming talents.


How Jason Hope Brings His Ideas to Life

According to Jason Hope, it is important to keep things simple and basic. Having an idea in mind is one thing, while nurturing it is another. Jason says that he keeps his ideas basic and simple. He communicates his ideas to his close friends. This way, he knows if or not to proceed with the idea. This has therefore helped him nurture the very best ideas, and learn more about Jason Hope.

He knows that they are long term projects that are meant to make an impact. He has believed in every project focused to give, and that has not only brought him joy, it has also brought him great success as an entrepreneur, and—d2KObnZ36N51A/.

If Jason was to advise his younger self, he would do so by giving a great focus on a bigger picture. Not small details. Giving great focus on details with no meaning were the reason he got weary when he worked on projects when he was younger. However, focusing on the bigger picture today has helped him not stress too much on his projects, and follow his Twitter.

Jason has been an entrepreneur for a long time. The greatest advice he would give to other budding entrepreneurs is to focus on one project at a time. He mentions that the reasons people fail in business is jumping into every small opportunity, and losing focus on the main project, and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

This has helped him develop different applications that have helped improve human conditions and make life a little easier.

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Trend Micro questions #IoT device #security @DougOlenick

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 17, 2016

Brazilian Businessman Roberto Santiago: Owner Of Two Popular Brazilian Malls

Brazilian businessman Roberto Santiago is the owner of two of the country’s largest and most popular malls. They are Mangabeira and Manaira shopping malls. The Manaira Shopping Mall opened in 1989. It is 75,000 square meters in size and has about 300 stores. Located on Joao Pessoa’s north coast between the beaches and the city center, the mall was designed to meet the needs of the entire family. The mall took two years to build. In addition to a wide variety of stores the mall has 11 cinemas, a gym, a ballroom, an expansive food court and a huge gaming area with a variety of electronic game machines. The mall even has a university in it.


Roberto Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa. He attended Marist College and went on to earn a business administration degree from the University of Joao Pessoa. After graduating, Santiago started a company that made decorative objects. The unique, innovative methods he developed for producing and marketing his products helped to make him very successful. Santiago then spent some time working with Café Santa Rosa before he became involved in the mall development business. It is Roberto Santiago’s ability to attract people of all ages to his malls that make them so popular.


An avid sports fan, Santiago is a very talented driver. He has won a number of trophies while participating in karting and motocross championships. This has also helped to make him a well-known and beloved figure. But it is his ability to identify good business opportunities and take advantage of them that has helped him to develop the reputation for being a smart, visionary entrepreneur. What has endeared Roberto Santiago to the people of Brazil is they love that he puts so much effort into creating economic opportunities and providing people in his hometown with a better quality of life.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall not only has 3D cinemas and VIP rooms for entertainment, the food court has excellent restaurants and top fast food franchises like the famous Espaco Gourmet. Plus, on the Manaira Shopping Mall’s rooftop there is Domus Hall. The two floor tall hall can seat 4,000 people and accommodate 6,000 people when the seats are removed. The hall hosts live concerts, art shows and cultural events. So many people flock to the mall, it has had to be expanded 5 times in order to accommodate them all. It has also helped to make the area more prosperous.


In 2014, Santiago opened a second mall. Called the Mangabeira Shopping Mall, it cost $240 million to build, employs almost 5,000 people and has a parking lot with 3,000 parking spaces. The mall has stores from 15 national brands as well as branches of 210 other popular brands. It features 6 movie theatres, an electronic park, 7 bowling alleys and activities for children, teens and adults. Plus, it’s in a prime location, is easy to get to for people throughout the area and it has even increased local property values.


Have You Heard Who Rick Smith Is Yet?

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, is a company leading in the fields of technology. It is because of Securus that safety can be insured within the prison system. Tablets, kiosks, communication tools, and voice recognition software are among the many functions that are executed within the company. Rick Smith has emerged from a reputable background of field work, experience, and refined education. He helps oversee that the families and habitants of prison facilities remain safe and read full article.

Rick Smith’s leadership skills stem from his rich educational background. He went to a multitude of schools that include achieving his associates from Rochester Institute of Technology, then at the State University of New York, Buffalo he earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and then he received a master’s in engineering over at the State University in New York. Finally, Smith proceeded to attend the University of Rochester where he earned an MBA. After Smith Graduated, he dove right into a series of positions that would lead credence to the notoriety of his future CEO position at Securus Technologies.

The various hats that Smith has worn throughout the time before he was CEO include holding two different positions (a controller and chief information officer) with Global Crossing North America Incorporated throughout 1972 to 1997. Smith held presidency with Frontier Information Technologies and was vice president for Midwest Telephone Operations. He held the position of Network Plant Operations Director, and he was director of Business Development. With the previous position, he was also the vice president of the company’s Financial Management. After he left in 1997, Smith worked with Eschelon Telecom Incorporation. For two years, he was the company’s chief financial officer. In 2000, Smith became company president. In a short time, he soon moved onto being the CEO. When Smith came to lead, he increased the company’s revenue by 320 million dollars. Rick Smith remained with this company until about 2007, before he would move onto Securus Technologies and what Rick Smith knows.

In early summer of 2007, Securus welcomed Rick Smith into their company by making him CEO. A little over a year later, he added ‘Chairman’ to that title. Even though the company had a strong competitor during that time, Securus had stronger assets in their community, services, and products. Between 2013 and 2016, Securus has demonstrated formidably their strength against all competition by being the most sought after in the world and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

A good indicator of a person is how they lead their community, the community Rick Smith leads shows strength in decision making, a concern for safety, and a firm knowledge base with the people he works with, and

Brazilian Investment Strategist Igor Cornelsen Thinks Brazil Startups Are Worth A Look

Brazil’s startup industry is alive and well, even though Brazil’s bureaucracy gets in the way from time to time. Even though Brazil investments are a topic of conversation in foreign investment circles, there is still a lot of unanswered questions. The main question is will Brazil be able to recover from the crippling recession that lingers around the fringes of the country? According to Igor Cornelsen, Brazil is pulling out of recession mode, and the country is now fertile soil for new investment strategies. Igor Cornelsen is a former Brazilian bank executive who left Brazil for the golf courses in South Florida. But he couldn’t stay away from his first love, investing in Brazilian assets.

Cornelsen’s company, Bainbridge Investments, helps foreign investors find the right assets in Brazil, according to The startup sector of the economy is gaining strength, and private bank stocks are putting a smile on the faces of Wall Street investors. But Cornelsen doesn’t promote investing in Brazil without doing research, and following the three tips, he uses to make the right investment choices. His first tip is an easy one for him. He stays connected to people living in Brazil, and he picks their brains when it comes to what is really happening in his native country. He thinks all foreign investors should do the same thing.

Mr. Cornelsen likes to say “expect the unexpected” in the Brazilian market. There are a lot of moving parts in Brazil’s economy, and some of those parts can hurt investors without warning. Cornelsen thinks all investors should keep their eyes open and know something will happen in terms of government regulations that might make an investment deal fail.

But Cornelsen’s third tip may be obvious, but it is often overlooked by investors. That tip is, understand the mechanics of the currency market in Brazil.