Let Your Voice Be Heard For Human Right

In this age of technology, we are more aware of the problems going on around the world than ever before. We barely go an hour without seeing some sort of negative news, whether it be on television, on your Twitter feed, and yes, some people still read newspapers. However, most of the world doesn’t really know what they can do to help. This is where Avaaz comes in.

Avaaz is a U.S based civic organization that was cofounded in 2007 by three groups. Res Publica, one of Avaaz’s cofounders, is a group of individuals composed of public sector professionals dedicated to keeping tabs on the governing system and keeping America grounded in democracy. MoveOn.org, a progressive public policy advocacy group, was also a cofounder of Avaaz. Service Employees International Union also supported Avaaz at its commencement.

The main goal of Avaaz is to promote practical idealism without pushing any sort of agenda. They are funded by their members completely, preventing any bias that comes with being funded by governments or corporations. Their ideology, practical idealism, is not based on any rules or labels. Their goal is to unite people from all around the world, to help create a world that everyone loves.

Many news and activism organizations have bosses that tell them what to write or what movements to support. Avaaz is different, because instead of deciding these things themselves they give that power to the people. Campaign ideas are submitted by members and then randomly given to ten thousand members to vote on. If the consensus says that the cause is worthy, Avaaz starts the campaign, and the campaign is usually supported by thousands of members within days. “Avaaz” is a word used Middle Eastern and Asian countries that translates to “Voice” in English, which makes sense because Avaaz’s main goal is to let peoples’ voices be heard.