ClassDojo Figured Out What Was Needed In Education And Provided The Product Required

Educational technology is beginning to improve, and ClassDojo is the perfect example. This is an app for communication within the classroom that makes it easy for students, parents and teachers to interact and share. Despite the projected cuts of the United States federal budget for education for 2018, optimism is rampant due to innovations like ClassDojo. Edtech startups have also done well in certain niches in 2017. The year has been good to several adaptive learning startups as well.

Investors are showing interest in educational platforms that make learning fun, and the job of the educator easier. Tools such as ClassDojo improve the learning of the students, and establish a way for parents to share within the classroom. This is important for the support staff and administrators since they often default to the judgement of the teacher regarding what is best for the students. Entrepreneurs interested in the educational market need to speak with the teachers.

ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary and became successful because he listened to what the educators, students and parents though was important while the app was being developed. This resulted in ClassDojo solving important issues including communicating the progress of the students to their parent’s in-between conferences. This is the type of issue only considered by teachers. Due to the decision to listen to these teachers, 90 percent of all United States school districts from Kindergarten through eight grade use ClassDojo.

In the past, providing the teaches with the necessary products was enough. The teachers would use the tool, and if the class was receptive, ask their administrators to purchase it. The competition today has become fierce, and the teachers are unsure what to use. This is where the way ClassDojo was developed becomes critical. The testing grounds included the teachers who would be using the product. When a product is approved of by the people who will be using it, success is eminent. ClassDojo made the process simple by figuring out what was needed before development was completed. The results speak for themselves because the app has become very popular and incredibly successful for all the parties involved.